Yet another Bosch Teeny Tiny Laser Distance Measuring Tool

Bosch GLM 20 Compact Laser Measuring Tool

Bosch has taken the kind aspect of the miniscule GLM 15 laser distance measuring tool, added a backlight, increased the variety to 65 feet, threw in a new all-inches measurement mode, and named it the GLM 20.

The new GLM 20 is also the initial laser measure to boast Bosch&#8217s new Blaze branding. Blaze laser measurers are mentioned to set the industry common for technical innovation, size, speed, and ease of use.

The GLM 20 will debut at the exact same value as the GLM 15, and it looks like the GLM 15 will enjoy a reduction in cost.

  • 65 ft variety
  • ± 1/eight in. accuracy
  • Backlit display
  • Powered by 3 AAA batteries

The GLM 15 was powered by 2 AAA batteries, but I suppose it tends to make sense that the GLM 20 is a tiny power hungry, considering that it has that backlighting.

I&#8217m a fan of the GLM 15. It&#8217s really spartan when it comes to attributes, but Bosch does offer some a lot more function-wealthy laser measurers if you&#8217re prepared to pocket something a tiny larger.

The GLM 20 has just a single button. Press it once to turn on the laser and begin taking actual-time measurements. Press it once again to hold the measurement on-screen. Press it once again, and it will display the stored measurement, as effectively as a actual-time measurement. A extended press will turn off the devices.

With one button, how does a single change to inches and feet, or inches-only measurements? I asked Bosch, and they said that you can modify the unit of measure at any time, even for an already measured [stored] value, by pressing and holding the principal button &#8220until the unit of measurement comes up.&#8221

I suppose then that alterations the measurement mode needs a extended press, but not extended sufficient to turn off the device.

Value: $ 50

Get Now(by means of Amazon)
Evaluate(GLM 15 by means of Amazon)

The GLM 15 is now described as a &#8220basic unit&#8221 over at Amazon, with a $ 30 cost tag.


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