Wera Locking Extensions – Mixed Feelings (At Least About the 1/4″ Size)

Wera Locking Socket Extension

I have mixed feelings about Wera&#8217s locking extensions. I&#8217ve got a couple that came with Zyklop socket sets I had purchased, and they&#8217ve been seeing a lot of use these past couple of months.

My other mechanics tools, primarily a selection of ratchets, drive accessories, and Craftsman sockets, are nevertheless packed up in a few boxes somewhere. Till I get every little thing unpacked and in correct permanent places, my Zyklop 1/four&#8243 and 3/eight&#8243 inch socket sets have been handling most of my requirements.

Wera offers different sizes of Zyklop sets. I spent a small much more on the larger sets that come with added screwdriver insert bits, since they also incorporated locking extensions as an alternative of the non-locking ones that come with the smaller sized and much less expensive sets.

The 1/four&#8243 square drive locking extensions are driving me bonkers.

The lock is quite good, but changing sockets is a chore that needs lots of pulling, and back and forth toggling of the lock button with a fingernail.

I guess that&#8217s a very good point. If you have a socket on a locking extension, it&#8217s since you don&#8217t want it falling off.

The 3/eight&#8243 locking extensions are simpler to use &#8211 it&#8217s the 1/4&#8243 drive ones that have been giving me more frustrations. Plus, I have a tendency to swap sockets and the bit adapter a lot more with the 1/four&#8243 size ratchet than with the 3/eight&#8243.

I think I have a 1/4&#8243 non-locking extension with a little metric to-go set, which I bought alongside a 3/8&#8243 ratchet by itself when I first dipped my toes into Wera Zyklop waters. It&#8217s now in a transportable tool set someplace. I use it regularly, but can&#8217t seem to don’t forget if it came with an extension or not.

I&#8217d be happier if the locking extension had a pull-back collar to release the socket. But the existing locking button and quite stiff ball detent &#8211 even when in unlocked position &#8211 supply for a slimmer profile.

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What&#8217s your take on locking extensions?

Wera Zyklop Ratchet and Ratchet Set

I don&#8217t consider I&#8217d component with my locking extensions if given the chance. But maybe I&#8217ll choose up a non-locking 1 or two to swap into the Zyklop set boxes. If I do that, the locking ones will be added to my major socket accessories drawer, anytime the bulk of my tools are lastly unpacked.


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