Volcanic Tool Co’s USA-Created Screwdriver Bit Holder is DARN Good!


I&#8217ve been talking about tools right here on ToolGuyd for nearly 8 years now, and do you know what one particular of the greatest feelings is? When I uncover a new tool that I just HAVE to talk about. Tools that I feel an virtually inexplicable urge to tell other people about.

I grow to be even more impassioned when there&#8217s a name and face behind a new item &#8211 an person in search of to fill a require.

I didn&#8217t find out this Volcanic Tool Co. screwdriver, it discovered me. Or rather, Jeremy Robertson, the knifemaker behind Calavera Cutlery, reached out and told me about his new tool brand and USA-produced screwdriver.

I expressed interest, and Jeremy sent over a pair of these screwdrivers. This all happened right ahead of my daughter was born, and so it took me some time to get about to testing them.

When we first spoke, I talked about that the price could be a possible criticism, but I really feel the price is proper for what you get, and certainly reasonably priced. After seeing, feeling, and using the screwdriver in individual, I believe it&#8217s a steal for what you get.

Okay, so this is the Volcanic Tool Co. 1/4&#8243 hex screwdriver bit holder, which you as well can personal for just $ 24.

The deal with is produced from aluminum, which won&#8217t break down more than time like plastic or wood may. It&#8217s also impervious to numerous solvents and oils. It&#8217ll take a beating and maintain on turning.

The shaft is made from 17-four stainless tool steel. This is what a datasheet I found (PDF) says about it:

AK Steel 17-4 PH® is a martensitic precipitation-hardening stainless steel that provides an outstanding mixture of high strength, great corrosion resistance, good mechanical properties at temperatures up to 600°F (316°C), very good toughness in both base metal and welds, and shorttime, low-temperature heat treatments that minimize warpage and scaling. This versatile material is broadly used in the aerospace, chemical, petrochemical, food processing, paper and common metalworking industries.

In other words, this is an all-metal screwdriver created from some pretty tough supplies. I wouldn&#8217t be shocked if the deal with were created from aircraft aluminum.

The screwdriver is made in the USA from USA-sourced components. The exception is the two Wiha screwdriver bits that it&#8217s packaged with, but who&#8217s going to argue against the decision to go with Wiha? With this becoming a 1/4&#8243 hex bit holder, you can use any bits of your selecting with it.

Yes, the hex socket has a magnet for bit retention.

So what do I consider about the screwdriver? It&#8217s freakin&#8217 remarkable! I was hesitant about it, for numerous causes.

Would an all-metal screwdriver be too heavy? Would it slip in my hand? Would it be comfortable to use? Would it be properly-machined?

A although back I received a USA-created precision screwdriver from another small tool maker, and I didn&#8217t like it. It looked great in photographs, but in my hand the tool felt unfinished and had residual metal shavings. The exact same with their machined swappable-head hammer. I put them in a box, with the intent to clean them up for testing, but by no means got around to it.

I have also ordered and returned many Starrett tools more than the previous few years, simply because they merely don&#8217t care to clean tools up before selling them either.

I&#8217ve got absolutely nothing against dirty tools, but with lots of the kinds of issues I operate on, loose metal shavings could pose a Massive difficulty.

That all mentioned, I&#8217m extremely pleased at the construct quality, which I would describe as being phenomenal.

Every single surface is smooth to the touch.

Is it a heavy screwdriver? Yes. But manageable.

It&#8217s got a fantastic grip, and it hasn&#8217t slipped in my hand but. I haven&#8217t however dunked it in oil though.

There are lots of finer points that I appreciate, such as the bevelled tip and eased edges. The anodizing is also perfect. There was some white schmutz on the handle, but it cleaned off.

Do NOT use this screwdriver anyplace near higher voltage sources, circuit breaker panels, or anyplace else an electric voltage may possibly be present.

Price: $ 24

Shipping is $ 8 by way of USPS Priority, making the value $ 32 to your door for one particular. Adding 2 to my cart final results in the identical $ eight shipping charge. You can probably buy a couple without having possessing to pay more than $ 8 for shipping.

Get Now(via Volcanic Tool Co.)

Update: A reader attempted to place and adjust an order and received a response that the shop is presently closed. I emailed the owner and received the identical message, that the shop is closed until January 2017. I&#8217ll maintain you posted when we understand more.

It wasn&#8217t my intent to assessment this screwdriver in this manner. But with my camera out of commission and so significantly on my plate, I wanted to make certain I didn&#8217t let this screwdriver slip my attention. I swiftly posted about it to our ToolGuyd Instagram account, and that lit a fire under me to tell you more about this screwdriver, pronto.

This is a freakin&#8217 remarkable screwdriver, and while it&#8217s not inexpensive, it&#8217s not quite pricey either. $ 24 for a USA-made 1/4&#8243 hex screwdriver isn&#8217t too undesirable.

I&#8217m quite interested to see how this a single screwdriver evolves. Maybe a future model will have a hex bolster. Stainless handle? Grooved manage? Various anodizing colors? But please, no fine knurls that glitter up my hand with shavings.

Here&#8217s an idea&#8230 possibly we can talk about an official ToolGuyd screwdriver? Who&#8217d be up for anything like that?

Thank you to Volcanic Tool Co for offering the overview samples unconditionally!


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