Video: Watch this GoPro capture the wildest footage throughout a rally crash

Off-road rally races and courses can get pretty darn ridiculous, which makes for very stunning entertainment on our end, like epic crashes.

Fortunately, this sort of factor occurs all the time&#8230crashes that is, and for the most portion, thanks to powerful roll cages and lots of other security equipment, drivers and navigators rarely get seriously hurt.

But what doesn&#8217t come about all the time is footage like this, in which a GoPro taking in-dash video of the racers&#8217 performance, gets tossed out of the auto, only to capture an incredible shot of the auto somersaulting as it rolls from the crash.

We would worry for the driver&#8217s and navigator&#8217s lives, but Martin Lder and his partner each escaped without significant injuries.

Watch what the GoPro captured soon after the jump&#8230no pun intended&#8230

&#8211 By: Chris Chin


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