ToolGuyd Prime Tool Picks #three

It&#8217s taken me longer than anticipated to prepare a new set of Prime Tool Picks, but 4 goods stood out as being suitable for this next round of suggestions.

They&#8217re more workshop staples than traditionally defines &#8220tools,&#8221 but that doesn&#8217t make them any much less crucial to our everyday productivity.

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1. Gladiator Adjustable Height Workbench

Gladiator Adjustable Height Workbench

Gladiator tends to make a mighty fine adjustable height workbench. I just ordered yet another one particular, for my office space, which will double as my electronics workshop.

It&#8217s super sturdy, and reasonably priced.

The review sample I tested a few years ago was a 4-foot bamboo-topped model. The second one particular I just ordered is six feet long and also bamboo-topped. I might order an eight-foot workbench for my main workshop.

I nonetheless program on developing a workbench or three to fill my spaces, because that will let me far better customize tops and storage bases to ideal suit my wants, but I don&#8217t think there&#8217s anything that will sway my really like for these Gladiator benches.

There&#8217s a excellent opportunity that I&#8217ll order my third bench later today, assuming my recent order arrives in fantastic situation from Amazon.

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2. Tripp Lite Industrial Surge Protector Energy Strip

Tripp Lite Industrial Surge Protector

I lately talked about my search for some nice USA-made all-climate extension cords, and discovery of Flexzilla cords. As element of the very same order, I added on a Tripp Lite &#8220industrial&#8221 surge protector power strip.

I bought the smaller 6-outlet 15-foot surge protector, but believe this 8-outlet 12-foot model will be greater suited for the other corner of my workspace.

I am presently using Tripp Lite&#8217s Isobar metal-cased surge protectors ( in 4-outlet and eight-outlet configurations), and they&#8217ve been operating out really nicely. The industrial models have various configurations and wrap-about cord storage.

My initial take is fairly good, but it&#8217ll me some time to figure out if I like the Isobar or industrial style surge safeguarding power strips far better.

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3. Velcro Cable Wraps

Velcro Reusable Ties

I use Velcro&#8217s eight&#8243 x 1/2&#8243cable wraps for so a lot of thing. I started off buying 50 packs of cable ties &#8211 which came with 25 black and 25 gray ties &#8211 but my last buy was for a 100pc pack of black cable ties for about the exact same price tag.

I would swear that there&#8217s a difference in top quality, but in practice these new cable ties have been working out nicely for me.

You get 100 black ties for $ five. It&#8217s an add-on item at Amazon, so you&#8217ll need to tack it onto a bigger order, even if you&#8217re a Prime member.

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four. PowerPax Battery Caddy

Powerpax AA Battery Caddy

I wrote about these PowerPax battery caddies a few years ago, and briefly gushed about them in a video last year:

I don&#8217t carry loose batteries in my tool bag, camera bag, or pocket. I pack them into PowerPax caddies. They&#8217re made of hard plastic, and the AA and AAA caddies permit for reversible battery placement. That way, you can clearly see which batteries are fresh, and which need to be disposed of or recharged.

I utilised these in numerous sizes, but when on the go, the 4xAA size is best.

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