Tie Down Anchors for Your Truck or Trailer


The tie-down loops in my truck are inconveniently situated way down inside the bed at the four corners. Plus, two of them are blocked by my truck box. Every single time I have to tie something down, I think to myself that I will get some of these stake pocket tie-downs the subsequent time I see them&#8230 but I in no way do.

I have found anything else that&#8217s potentially a lot more helpful: Lee Valley has began selling tie-down anchors that clamp onto the bed rail of your truck. With these anchors you aren&#8217t restricted to the corners of the bed, you can locate them specifically where you require them anywhere along the bed rail.

These tie-down anchors have jaws that open up to 1-3/4&#8243 wide with a 1&#8243 deep throat, so it should match over most pickup bed rails. The hook will hold up to three/four&#8243 diameter ropes and the rated maximum load capacity is 600 lbs (presumably per anchor.)

Lee Valley Tie Down Anchors Hooked

The physique of these tie-downs is produced from steel plate and is coated in PVC, while the clamp screw is zinc-plated steel. The foot of the clamp pivots so that it can manage uneven surfaces.

For now you can get a set of 4 anchor tie-downs for $ 15, but this is a restricted time offer. After Could 4th, 2016, the standard price will be ~$ ten per pair.

Free shipping reminder: Lee Valley is running a cost-free shipping promo on $ 40+ orders, thru April 18th, 2016.

Price tag: $ 15 for four tie-downs

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Very first Thoughts

Do you ever see anything new and it breaks down a barrier in your thoughts? I never would have though about clamping a tie-down to my bed rail.

So this anchor tie-down got me considering: I don&#8217t need to have to buy any specific truck tie downs, I have C-clamps in my shop that look like they would function completely for the very same goal. I could stow them with my rope and ratchet straps and clamp them to the bed rail any time I needed a handy tie point. Failing that, an F-style clamp would almost certainly operate in a pinch also.

C-Clamp and F-Clamp on bed rail

Certain these particular purpose tie-downs from Lee Valley appear like they&#8217d do the job nicely, and I wouldn&#8217t begrudge anyone purchasing them, but this just seems like a single far more use for the versatile C-Clamp!

Do you have any much better ideas about how to generate extra tie-down anchor points? Is there any explanation not to use C-clamps in the manner shown?


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