The 2017 Lamborghini Aventador S is a not-so-intense SV

2017 Lamborghini Aventador S

Feel of it as the Lamborghini Aventador S without the V.

What&#8217s going on?

Lamborghinis are fairly rambunctious and it&#8217s tough to envision how considerably more ridiculous they could get. How does far more power, more aerodynamics, and more performances sound?

With the 2017 Lamborghini Aventador S, that&#8217s exactly what you get. But you don&#8217t get as considerably performances as the SuperVeloce. That&#8217s not necessarily a bad issue if the the Aventador SV is just a little also a lot Aventador for you. Instead, the Aventador S is fundamentally like a SuperVeloce without having the Veloce.

Ok. So how much more power are we speaking?

The six.5L naturally-aspirated V12 currently delivers a whopping 690hp and 508 lb-ft of torque for a -60 time of just 2.9 seconds and a best speed of 220 mph. Because the Aventador S basically gets the SV&#8217s revised V12, that means power jumps up to 740hp with torque remaining the exact same as the normal automobile. The SV&#8217s mill nevertheless gets a larger redline as properly. But interestingly, the zip to 62 mph still takes about 2.8-two.9 seconds.

All that added energy but not that a lot more performance&#8230what else is new with the Aventador S?

To match the extra power, the body gets slightly reworked to serve up a lot more downforce at speed for better stability and handling. In addition, &#8220overall efficiency&#8221 is claimed to increase by 50 %. Downforce at the front increases by 130 percent and a spectacular 400 % at the rear.

Also new is an active 4-wheel steering technique, which is new for the Aventador. During low speed maneuvers, the rear wheels can steer in the opposite path as the front for a better turning radius. When traveling at quicker speeds, the system reverses its actions to improve higher-speed handling.

How significantly will this Aventador S price?

A lot of money, as you can envision. Prices for the 2017 Lamborghini Aventador S begin at $ 421,350. Check adequate boxes on the alternatives list and you&#8217ll pass $ 500,000 extremely easily.

Deliveries are scheduled to commence in spring of 2017.

&#8211 By: Chris Chin

Supply: Lamborghini

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