Tesla Model S Now Accessible For Children: Video

It’s one thing I by no means believed I’d get to see, but yes, the Tesla Model S is now obtainable for just $ 499. Ridiculous as this sounds, it’s also true, albeit with a little disclaimer attached to it. The Tesla Model S is accessible for this amount, but it’s not the actual Model S that can be purchased. Alternatively, it’s a kid-sized replica of the high-overall performance electric sedan that comes with its personal electric battery. Glad to know that Radio Flyer, the organization behind this item, is keeping the Model S as close to the genuine deal as feasible.

The battery itself is a 140-Watt, lithium-ion battery, which can also be considered a miniaturized version of the Model S’s own lithium-ion battery. For an extra $ 50, the Model S For Kids, as it is officially named, can be upgraded with a 190-Watt premium battery pack. In addition to the electric motor, the Model S For Kids also comes in a selection of colour possibilities that remains accurate to Tesla’s own offerings. There’s Red Multi-Coat, Deep Blue Metallic, and Midnight Silver Metallic. Parents also have the selection to limit the car’s speed to either 3 miles per hour or six miles per hour to maintain youngsters from going complete blast with their Model S toy automobiles.

Fortunately, the Model S For Children does not cost practically as a lot as the actual thing. The base version is priced at just $ 499, a relative bargain compared to the $ 70,000 value of the real deal. Then there’s the range-topping version, which retails for a total of $ 804 and comes with all the bells and whistles a toy auto like this can have. These interested in purchasing a single of these toy automobiles can spot their orders through Radio Flyer, who says that the cars will be ready for shipping beginning in May 2016.

Adults who are currently thinking about providing these vehicles a go themselves ought to be informed that these toy automobiles are only suitable for kids ages three to eight that weigh no much more than 81 pounds. Generally, if you want one for oneself, you’re going to need to get the genuine issue.

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