Sung Kang Shows Off His Datsun 240Z To Jay Leno: Video

Sung Kang, much better known to all of us as Han from the Quickly &amp Furious franchise, was completely suited for his role in those motion pictures because, unbeknownst to most people, he’s actually a quite hardcore auto guy in actual life. That significantly was evident when he not too long ago paid a pay a visit to to Jay Leno’s Garage to show off his resto-modded 1973 Datsun 240Z, which he proudly calls the Fugu Z.

Origin of the name notwithstanding, the story of Kang’s 240Z is incredibly fascinating. He scooped it up on Craigslist, pondering that it would be a cool project he could do with some of his auto-loving buddies. The project escalated fairly speedily and soon sufficient, fellow auto enthusiasts from all more than the world began assisting Kang and his crew on the develop. At some point, Greddy even got in on the enjoyable and helped Kang turn the 240Z into a bonafide, wide-bodied track automobile that is powered by a naturally aspirated RB26 inline-six engine sourced from a 1994 Nissan GT-R. Yep, the turbos had been taken off the engine, but if you watch Leno driving it towards the finish of the episode, you’re going to realize why Kang opted for a naturally aspirated selection.

Nobody could appear to agree on what type of output it has – 233 and 245 horsepower have been being thrown about – but for the most part, everyone, including Leno himself, was in agreement that what initially started as a small-time build turned into what can only be described as a labor for love from Kang, his buddies, and automobile enthusiasts from all more than the world.

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