Styling My Dresser: Just before and Right after

I&#8217ve discovered anything about myself from years of blogging about my property or sharing excellent concepts from fellow bloggers.  I am seriously pleased with 85% completed (meaning, hopefully painted.. no decorating)  Decorating is so a lot tougher to truly get appropriate than remodeling (to me!).  Let me rip out a wall, revamp a floor program build, repair negative site visitors patterns, construct stuff, paint, add moldings&#8230  All of these things I actually really like.  Putting tchotchkes on a dresser?  Not my satisfied location.  Let me built the dresser and we&#8217ll place stuff in it and get in touch with it good.

However, in the spirit of needing to find out how to really pull my house with each other into a finished space (and knowing my comfort zone tends to stop me from undertaking this), I decided I needed to do a small studying and learning some ideas for Truly making use of my decor stuff (of which I have Also a lot).  And there truly is not a greater time to do this, considering that my residence is virtually reaching 85% complete, so there are a lot of unadorned, empty spaces in my house, just calling to be polished up so it can really shine.

How to Style Your Home Like a Pro

To put me on the proper road, I teamed up with Jackie and her College of Decorating.  Jackie let me preview the Styling Secrets workshop to see if I wanted to share it with all of you, and it is Amazing! And she is supplying it, for a limited time, Cost-free to our Remodelaholic readers. This course is typically only obtainable for College of Decorating members, so sign up now to have immediate access to the class!


Right here is the project I worked on, with the techniques I discovered in the Styling Secrets workshop in mind. 

So our bedroom is about 1/two way carried out.

It is a hot mess!!  I have a bed, with un-matching bedding, a random yellow locker, old drapes from my daughter&#8217s area back in Texas (that I never ever showed you&#8230 someday perhaps) 2 side tables from our living room and because our master bathroom and closet is gutted down to the studs, we have a temporary closet on 1 wall in our bedroom.  Oh and with winter coming on we&#8217ve been finding drafts, so we still have blue painters tape up exactly where we just had to caulk a crack in the ceiling that was causing a massive draft&#8230 we hold it actual round here.

I have carried out A single mindful on-goal decorating thing in this space.  That is it.  We hung images more than our bed two weeks ago.  I did this to get them off of the floor in my workplace.  No other motivation.  But I am so enjoying it.

I guess what I am am asking, nay pleading, is for you to NOT judge my thrown together space.  This is actual life men and women.  This is not a television show or magazine&#8230 And somehow, it is more true life than standard due to the fact I generally don&#8217t show fully crazy rooms like this.

Due to the fact we are dying for storage space, (we currently have 1 five foot closet in the whole property, which is in my basement office, awful I know!!!), we decided to bring in an old buffet for storage.  We purchased this at an old antique shop, on our 6th wedding anniversary in Asheville, NC.  It demands some adore, but for right now we are using it as is, and I am satisfied with that.

I promised myself that I wouldn&#8217t invest a dollar on this transformation.

I utilised only what I had in my basement decor stash!

I also don&#8217t want any significant color commitments considering that I haven&#8217t even begun to think about the final strategy for this room (bedding and such)  So I decided to attempt and maintain it as neutral and light as achievable.

Okay, so here is exactly where we started.

Decorating a dresser with school od decorating @remodelaholic (1 of 21)

We have a dresser and a laundry basket, (with actual live dirty laundry&#8230 I am proud of the reality that is the present amount of laundry I have in my house at least the laundry is accomplished, if my spaces aren&#8217t!&#8230)Decorating a dresser with school od decorating @remodelaholic (2 of 21)

I began by collecting some products that were helpful, a handful of meaningful and the rest just decor.  Ultimately I decided there had been too several dark items.  And like I described before, I wanted more light or neutral colored things, so I returned a couple of items to other places, and discovered some other new items.  And started messing about with placement using a few of the approaches from the Styling Secrets workshop.

Decorating a dresser with school od decorating @remodelaholic (3 of 21)

I had to go choose up a mirror that I had at my mom&#8217s property, but until it got here I saved its place with this backward painting canvas.Decorating a dresser with school od decorating @remodelaholic (4 of 21)

And soon after a couple tries, and adding a couple pops of color I am really pleased with the final results.   I bought absolutely nothing.  I only used stuff I had!!

Decorating usually is uncomfortable for me, but I didn&#8217t really feel quite as scared about what to do now&#8230 It was truly valuable to consider about the actions that had been broken down in the Free of charge Styling Secrets workshop (that you can sign up for proper now, it is free of charge!)

I would undoubtedly suggest the class, genuinely the entire course!  Give it a shot and see what you believe!

Decorating a dresser with school od decorating @remodelaholic (13 of 21)

Decorating a dresser with school od decorating @remodelaholic (12 of 21)

Decorating a dresser with school od decorating @remodelaholic (15 of 21)

Decorating a dresser with school od decorating @remodelaholic (17 of 21)

Decorating a dresser with school od decorating @remodelaholic (19 of 21)

Decorating a dresser with school od decorating @remodelaholic (20 of 21)

If you feel like you are stuck at the stage of &#8220How do I pull every thing collectively&#8221 or even &#8220How do I start off?&#8221, then this class is Made FOR YOU!

If you feel like you are great at decorating, the class is Cost-free and wonderful, and I bet you&#8217ll nonetheless discover anything. There is no explanation not to learn these incredible tips and polish your spaces!!

Sign up here for instant access to the Styling Secrets workshop

7 Simple Styling Secrets, School of Decorating (5)

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