Staining Guidelines for Adirondack Chairs and New Planters

If you&#8217ve been following along on the backyard updates, you know that there are two large issues going on:

  1. I&#8217ve brought in dirt and rented a backhoe to support me fix a number of lingering issues going on back there: fill in a sinkhole, grading, etc. It&#8217s a shitload of function.
  2. I&#8217ve brought in a LOT of DIRT. Which&#8230 is going to appear truly brown for a even though just before it gets greater (I&#8217ll get to the grass seeding element of the update eventually, but my landscaper neighbor advised a wait about a month). And that component type of sucks, no matter how significantly I know it&#8217s eventually going to pay off.

Occasionally when I&#8217m in the middle of a massive makeover, I waffle (hehe) between these highs and lows. That anticipation of how it&#8217s going to appear someday versus the hot mess that it appears like appropriate now can be a little much more disheartening than I&#8217d like, and I have to place in effort to make certain that I don&#8217t give up halfway via. As a pick-me-up, I will simultaneously work on some thing with a shorter wait time for the big payoff. (This post includes a couple of affiliate hyperlinks, which aid help this internet site at no further cost to you while I simultaneously suggest the stuff I like. For more, see my disclosure page.) And that&#8217s the logical explanation for how I located myself staining Adirondack chairs and making over planters for a deck I haven&#8217t even constructed but.

staining adirondack chairs

A word about staining things like this: perhaps wipe-on Waterseal isn&#8217t the way to go. The nooks and crannies tend to make every little thing a giant mess, and apparently, I&#8217m not a great enough planner to attain for a pair of latex gloves often.

stained hands

Luckily (???), I got frustrated adequate with chair number one particular to attempt a spray version for chair quantity two (comparable). It did the job a lot far better for reaching into the tighter regions and in a lot more rapidly time. And my hands didn&#8217t look like that.

spray sealer is way easier than wipe on for adirondack chairs

The colour, by the way, is named Acorn Brown. I wanted one thing more brown than red, and this was the closest match to what I had in mind.

new stained Adirondack chairs

I like them so considerably, I feel I might order two much more to get a full set of four. And as luck would have it, they are on sale proper now with an added ten% off for Labor Day weekend. So, I&#8217m pretty confident two of those are going to wind up magically walking themselves out of the online cart and on their way to my front door. There are also these foldable versions that look practically the same, but I&#8217m not quite positive but.

new stained Adirondack chairs 2

I then stumbled onto some planters on clearance at Lowe&#8217s ($ 6.98 each and every &#8211 much more than 50% off until the end of October). I type of love it when items go on sale just since of the color (the silhouette on these are really easy, so the only difference seemed to be that the red and blue ones had been promoting far better). My obtain!

planters on clearance

Equally funny to me is how they were clearly manufactured in black (you can see based on the inside of them in the above photo) and that&#8217s the color I in fact wanted. So, these ugly yellowish items have been spray painted black with some outside plastic spray paint, which makes for a pretty good upgrade. Or downgrade&#8230 back to its roots. Whatever. The critical issue is, they&#8217re black now and they appear much better that way.

black planters back yard

I should have one more post for you guys on Sunday relating to the stools in the kitchen that are going beneath the new bar location. I just figured out how to use my router again, so it&#8217s finally going to get finished and installed. Woot!

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