Sneak Peek: Dewalt Cordless Planer (DCP580)

Dewalt Cordless Planer

More than in another post, Adam sent in a tip about a new Dewalt 20V Max cordless planer! The video showing the planer in action was shot portrait-style, but we located a promo video posted by a UK tool dealer that shows off the new tool a bit better.

A year ago we asked Dewalt users to chime in as to whether or not or not they had been satisfied with the brand&#8217s expansion progress.

Dewalt Users – Are You Satisfied with the Brand’s 20V Max Cordless Tool Progress?

Overall, I think most customers are pleased with how rapidly Dewalt is adding new tools and innovations to the 20V Max lineup.

Some good new tools came out this year, and there&#8217s at least one particular much more &#8211 a threaded rod cutter previewed in our 2015 Dewalt new tool cordless media event post &#8211 that&#8217s on the way.

Nicely, make that two much more, if you count this new planer, and three more if you also count the new 20V Max hedge trimmer.

There is practically nothing at all that we know of the new Dewalt DCP580 cordless planer. It&#8217s shown with European branding, and is mentioned to have an April 2016 ETA.

Hopefully we&#8217ll see the new planer in the USA, and in the Spring about the very same time.

Dewalt Cordless Planer DCP580XR with Dust Canister

Verify out the size of the dust collection canister! I would consider that it would be far better angled downwards to let gravity clear chips away from the attachment adapter, but it appears to be adjustable/rotatable.

Planers spew chips and sawdust all more than the spot. If the dust collection on this model is very good or wonderful, that would be sweet.

There are a handful of other new Dewalt 20V Max cordless energy tools I would rather see prior to a planer, such as a cordless sander, but I&#8217m confident this will make a lot of contractors really content.

Swift Query: What would you use this for?

I&#8217m confident the number 1 answer will be for trimming down doors, but am curious to see how else 1 may possibly best take advantage of a cordless planer.

Also, as a reminder, Milwaukee also just came out with a new M18 cordless planer. No, I didn&#8217t have any other point to make, but figured if you&#8217re reading about one particular cordless planer, you might be interested in reading about yet another new model.

Right here&#8217s the promo video, from D&ampM Tools:

What do you feel, will this be going in your tool bag?


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