SawStop Sues Bosch more than new ReaXX Table Saw and its Flesh-Detection and Blade-Braking Tech

Bosch REAXX GTS1041A Table Saw

SawStop, and their owner Stephen Gass, who takes place to be a lawyer, issued a press release about their lawsuit against Bosch. They contend that Bosch, and their new ReaXX table saw, which also attributes flesh-detection and blade brake technology, is infringing on SawStop&#8217s patented inventions.

This isn&#8217t the first time Stephen Gass and SawStop has sued Bosch and other power tool brands. In recent years, they sued 22 businesses, like Bosch and other table saw manufacturers, for allegedly forming a secret boycott of SawStop&#8217s technology. That lawsuit was eventually dismissed.

Right here&#8217s what I have study or otherwise found out about SawStop and Stephen Gass over the years:

First, Gass tried to get energy tool brands to license their technology, but they declined to. None of the other brands wanted to spend to implement SawStop&#8217s flesh-detection and blade braking technologies into their table saws.

Then, given that producers wouldn&#8217t license SawStop&#8217s technologies voluntarily, Gass lobbied for federal regulations that would force power tool producers to do so. Right here&#8217s a post from 3 years ago, following Stephen Colbert ran a report on Gass and SawStop:

SawStop’s Stephen Gass – Individuals Who Are Destroying America

These forced licensing efforts fell flat, as the regulations had been not passed.

Then SawStop sued brands for allegedly boycotting his technology. Sounds ridiculous to me. Hey, because you didn&#8217t pay us to license our technology, we&#8217re suing you for damages. As talked about above, the suit was dismissed.

Now that Bosch has come out with a competing saw that appears to provide comparable end-result functionality &#8211 uncut fingers &#8211 but in completely different methods, the SawStop litigation machine is at it again.


I&#8217ve tried to be fair, but the far more I hear about SawStop and Stephen Gass, the much more of a bully and a jerk they appear to be.

In the press release, SawStop&#8217s tone is that of a small company that is being victimized by a much larger corporation. But is that genuinely what&#8217s going on right here?

It&#8217ll be up to the courts to decide no matter whether Gass&#8217s patents are being infringed upon. Patent holders have an obligation to defend their patents &#8211 or danger losing them**, but I don&#8217t feel that&#8217s fairly what&#8217s going on here. It&#8217s tough to say, a a lot closer side-by-side look at the patent documents and table saw designs is warranted.

**Update: Richard Ahlquist reminded me in a comment below that this is accurate about trademarks, not patents.

That all getting stated, if I ever have the space for a complete-size table saw, it&#8217ll almost certainly be a SawStop. Maybe. I actually wish Stephen Gass didn&#8217t come across as so significantly of a jerk. There are also downsides to the tech, such as false triggers when cutting woods with high moisture content. Blade brake cartridges are excellent for a single use, and are expensive to replace, as are the saw blades that are destroyed when the brake is activated.

Hmm&#8230 if I do get a SawStop table saw, how a lot of that income spent will go towards the actual saw, and how much will go towards Gass&#8217s lawsuits and forced licensure lobbying efforts?

But for a portable table saw? I am Really excited to see the Bosch ReaXX in action. Bosch has a powerful foothold in the transportable table saw industry, one that SawStop doesn&#8217t genuinely have any opportunity of encroaching upon.

The new Bosch ReaXX saw will have a fully different blade brake tech that will allow for two braking events prior to the cartridge has to be replaced. It also won&#8217t destroy your blade.

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What do you feel? On one hand I know SawStop is obliged to defend their patent &#8211 if they feel it is becoming infringed upon &#8211 since you can not choose and pick which infringements or alleged infringements to protect against.** On the other hand, offered SawStop and Stephen Gass&#8217s history, well&#8230 I locate it difficult to give them the benefit of the doubt.

**As mentioned, this doesn&#8217t look to be true about patents, only trademarks. Whoops.


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