Rumormill: A Ferrari theme park could surface someplace in North America, possibly the US

Ferrari seems to really be expanding their advertising and marketing reach, following the business&#8217s IPO inside the final year or so. A new report from Bloomberg says Ferrari could potentially be opening another theme park. But it&#8217s not in Europe and Asia, where there&#8217s Ferrari Land opening in Barcelona in 2017 and Ferrari World in Abu Dhabi.

Alternatively, it&#8217s said to be planned for North America and really possibly, the United States. Effectively, yea, exactly where else would it go? Mexico isn&#8217t precisely the safest and most stable location and Canada&#8217s just, nicely, cold. No offense intended.

Not significantly is known, but speculation points to similarities to the eventual park in Spain and the one particular currently in Abu Dhabi to match the theme, unsurprisingly, which is the point of a theme park.

Ferrari Globe in Abu Dhabi is also fairly the arrangement to be inspired by since it is the biggest indoor theme park in the globe, and is the 1st-ever of its type.

It provides every thing from household rides, to the globe&#8217s fastest rollercoaster (naturally), and Ferrari propaganda featuring biopics of Mr. Enzo himself and staged tours of a replication of the automaker&#8217s factory in Maranello.

A theme park might look a bit of an odd project within the business&#8217s portfolio, but Ferrari has reported steady income in numerous approaches from Ferrari Planet, hence the expansion into Spain and thus, North America.

&#8211 By: Chris Chin

Source: Bloomberg

Photo Supply: Wikipedia


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