Report: No matter how much you want upon 11:11 or what ever, a Lexus LF-A successor won’t happen for a whilst

AutoCar lately sat down with Lexus and sadly learned that a successor to the LF-A won&#8217t happen for a whilst. So for now, those wanting the ultimate Lexus will likely have to look at the not-so-poor-but-actually-quite-hot LC500 coupe.

This fully makes sense thinking about the LF-A was sort of a homage to motorsports homologation, and supercar engineering excess exactly where Lexus literally lost cash on each and every auto it built and sold, aside from the LF-A&#8217s astronomical price of $ 375,000.

That&#8217s simply because the LF-A was engineered, or more than-engineered in many a lot of numerous excellent and fabulous ways. It was a technological feature and showcase for Lexus, and its assistance was extremely bolstered with the fact that Jeremy Clarkson loved it, and he in no way loves Lexuses, or many cars for that matter.

But engineering workout routines clearly don&#8217t pay the bills in the quick or near-long term and the LF-A only pays off with what the bean counters can extract by inspiration from the LFA, each in engineering and design and style. So that&#8217s why it tends to make sense that Lexus doesn&#8217t have an interest in generating a successor to the LF-A, for the time getting.

&#8220It is possible that we will one particular day generate another supercar, but in my view a super-higher-end machine is not what we need right now,&#8221 Lexus&#8217 head of Europe shared with AutoCar.

&#8211 By: Chris Chin

Supply: AutoCar


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