Report: Mercedes-Benz’s new Nissan-based truck could be referred to as X-Class

Mercedes-Benz is identified to be working on their initial pickup truck ever as the manufacturer sees a possible, booming market place for luxurious, high-end open-bed trucks.

Now, CarAdvice down yonder reports the new truck from the Silver Arrow could be known as the X-Class. Alternatively, it could also be referred to as the Z-Class.

So far from what we know, the Mercedes&#8217 new pickup is to be based off of the most current Nissan NP300 and Navara, or far more or much less Asia&#8217s rendition of the Nissan Frontier. This is a offered with Daimlers&#8217 pretty recent partnership with Renault-Nissan.

It&#8217ll be geared towards ruggedness and off-road capability, which are two items Mercedes-Benz is capable of. Just appear at the Gelandewagen, for instance.

Though unlike Mercedes-Benz&#8217s that we&#8217re used to seeing, the new pickup will be provided in a selection of entry-level forms. It&#8217s specifically to concentrate the aim of the truck towards affordability, simplicity, dependability, and utilitarianism, considering that the pickup is a very well-liked type of transportation for the blue-collar working class of the globe.

And elsewhere in the planet, Mercedes-Benz isn&#8217t just recognized for producing pompous luxury cars given that you can still get several models with cloth seats, faux-leather, low-cost plastic, small motors, and minimal gear and tech.

Speaking of which, the new pickup is anticipated to receive two new diesel choices, either a 2.3L turbodiesel 4, or an optional V6.

Although, practically nothing has been confirmed.

&#8211 By: Chris Chin

Source: CarAdvice


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