Report: Mercedes-Benz wants to construct an Audi A6 allroad competitor out of the new E-Class wagon

2017 Mercedes-Benz E-Class Wagon

The handsome new Mercedes-Benz E-Class wagon was revealed just lately and new reports have been flowing in to recommend Merc wants to make an Audi allroad competitor out of the new extended-roof.

According to AutoCar, Mercedes desires to give the new E wagon some additional ground clearance, plastic underbody cladding&#8211which would be interestingly reminiscent of the original W124 wagon, even even though that wasn&#8217t a semi-lifted crossover&#8211and all-wheel drive. So essentially, they want to make a Subaru Outback out of the common E Wagon.

Tentatively referred to as the Mercedes E-Class All Terrain, the new model will also get some specific visual appointments and bespoke wheels to much better separate the All Terrain version from the standard version. There will also be a considerable cost premium for this special model.

The suspension also will be of the air kind, which is element of the purpose why there will be price premium. This will enable for greater versatility for the auto&#8217 use, so when drivers are on typical roads, the ride height will be lowered for much better handling capabilities, while vice-versa, when the going gets unpaved, the driver can raise the ride height.

This new E-Class All Terrain also leaves possible for a C-Class variant to compete with the A4 allroad. But of course, Mercedes had nothing to say about that.

&#8211 By: Chris Chin

Source: AutoCar


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