Report: Is Ford working on a new truck project based on the F150?

Twitter can be an fascinating issue, specially if you comply with significant players in the automobile business, such as the account for Ford Truck&#8217s communications manager, Mike Levine.

Speaking of which, Mr. Levine tweeted an apparent &#8220sneak preview&#8221 of a &#8220cool project we&#8217re (sic) functioning on,&#8221 whilst attaching a picture of a classic F100 &#8220Explorer&#8221 pickup from 1972.

According to some study on the Interwebs, Ford utilized to have a particular trim level for the F-Series light-duty pickup in the 1970s, way ahead of the famous Ford Explorer SUV even came to existence.

Not considerably is identified about this new project, but some speculation suggests that there could be a specific trim or package level for the F150 that&#8217s inbound.

Only time will tell. In the meantime, you can read Mike Levine&#8217s tweets after the jump.

&#8211 By: Chris Chin

Supply: Twitter


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