Report: Apple’s automobile delayed till 2021

It appears Cupertino&#8217s tech giant is suffering some setbacks with the anticipate Apple Automobile development with Engadget reporting a delay until 2021.

Speaking briefly with an &#8220insider supply&#8221 on the improvement group, the due date for the Apple Automobile is delayed until then right after initially getting scheduled for 2019, then 2020.

Given that the Apple Car came to light, it&#8217s obtained the internal code name, Project Titan, with an electric energy train and autonomous driving capabilities.

Other rumors suggest that Apple is looking to uncover a specific R&ampD web site sized at around 800,000 square feet someplace in the San Francisco are. Magna Steyr is also contracted to develop the Apple Automobile as soon as styles are finalized.

Getting into the vehicle market with no preceding knowledge is no straightforward task, especially because there&#8217s a lot more to just creating the car. It also includes establishing a approach and network of promoting the automobiles.

&#8211 By: Chris Chin

Source: Engadget


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