Report: Alfa Romeo cans plans for a Giulia Sport Wagon

2018 Alfa Romeo Stelvio

Alfa Romeo planned to create a long-roof variant of its Giulia sedan, but axed it in favor of the Stelvio crossover.

What&#8217s going on?

Auto enthusiasts caught a glimpse of hope right after rumors suggested an Alfa Romeo Giulia wagon was on the way. Some digital renderings even surfaced, reinforcing the speak of the town and previewing what could possibly be a long-roof Giulia.

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But sadly, the rumors turned out to be false, according to the most recent from Car.

Alfa originally intended to develop a Sportwagon variant of the Giulia, catering to Europe&#8217s general adore for wagons. And for a moment, the potential hope to see that wagon stateside made all of us Americans excited. But right after further assessment, Alfa discovered demand to be as well little for a wagon version altogether, even in Europe.

Why did Alfa Romeo cancel the Giulia Sport Wagon?

Basically place: blame the Stelvio SUV and the higher-demand for crossovers. Alfa Romeo&#8217s manufacturing chief, Alfredo Altavilla, says the business&#8217s betting on the Stelvio SUV to fill in the gap alternatively of a Giulia Sport Wagon.

The organization believes will &#8220drive just as well as a Giulia wagon would,&#8221 eliminating the need to have for both models. But as crossover SUVs proved they can drive well, their larger center of gravity and heavier bodies nonetheless take tolls, specially when compared to wagons.

The lack of a Giulia Sportwagon may well be a bit upsetting. But taking into consideration how Alfa Romeo delayed the Giulia a number of times and continues struggling with its finances, the choice tends to make sense.

Will there be any other Giulia variants?

Though no wagon is planned, rumors are nonetheless abound for a attainable coupe version of the Giulia. The two-door variant would compete with the likes of the BMW 4-Series and the Mercedes-Benz C-Class Coupe.

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