Reader Question: Milwaukee Cordless Nailers? Answer: Coming Soon!

Dewalt Brushless Cordless Finish Nailer Side

Paul wrote in, asking a question that we&#8217ve observed ahead of and asked ourselves: where are Milwaukee&#8217s cordless nailers?

A single thing I have discovered from Milwaukee is that they seek to be a solutions provider, and they attempt to shy away from &#8220me too&#8221 tools and tool categories. But they&#8217re also quite huge about pushing for a cordless workplace.

Paul asked:

There are a ton of cordless nailer options out there but Milwaukee doesn&#8217t appear interested. Have you heard something on this? Rumors? Any chance the new high capacity batteries will assist with designing a battery-only (no gas) line of nailers that will offer compressor-like performance?

I have heard absolutely nothing at all from Milwaukee, or elsewhere, about new Milwaukee cordless nailers. There are no rumors, teasers, or indication of any sort that Milwaukee plans to come out with a line of cordless nailers.

Update: Almost every single time I say some thing like Sadly, we don&#8217t consider we&#8217ll be seeing new cordless nailers from Milwaukee or any other pro brand anytime soon, I&#8217m verified wrong.

Milwaukee&#8217s Response: The whole Milwaukee team appears forward to the launch of our FUEL cordless nailer line up in the course of the 1st half of 2016!

Got that? Milwaukee FUEL CORDLESS NAILERS are coming in 2016!

Oh, there are now so numerous questions! Will they supply air-like overall performance? How will they differ from classic cordless nailers? How will they differ from Ryobi, Ridgid, and Senco&#8217s air based driving mechanisms? What sizes are coming out &#8211 the full variety? M12 and M18, or just M18? (How great would an M12 brad nailer or stapler be?!)

Thanks to this teaser, most of the following from the original post is now totally irrelevant, but I&#8217ll leave it in.

Dewalt has been creating some strides in the cordless nailer market, with their new brushless finish nailer and previously released two-speed brushless framing nailer. But even with these tools on the market place, users are asking for a brad nailer, pinner, and stapler.

In current years, Ryobi came out with their Airstrike nailers, Ridgid came out with their HyperDrive air-like nailers, and Makita came out with an air-like cordless brad nailer.

With all that mentioned, there actually hasn&#8217t been a flood of new cordless nailers to the market. Obtaining the size and functionality of a cordless nailer just appropriate seems to be the challenge for power tool designers. Why else wouldn&#8217t we see greater selection from larger-tier brands?

Dewalt also not too long ago came out with a new full line of air nailers. This shows that air nailers are still very much in higher demand.

Milwaukee doesn&#8217t look to offer you any nailers at all right now, only an M12 palm nailer. No air nailers, no cordless nailers.

The business seems to be approaching expansion in a systematic way. For instance, they&#8217re not just coming out with 1 pipe wrench, they&#8217re coming out with numerous pipe wrenches, tubing cutters, and a basin wrench.

Possibly nailers are on their roadmap, or even in active development. If Milwaukee does concentrate their sights on the nail fastening market, will they concentrate on cordless tools, or cordless plus pneumatic?

We don&#8217t know if Milwaukee is working on cordless nailers.

We don&#8217t know why Milwaukee might not be functioning on cordless nailers, or why they haven&#8217t already entered this industry.

What I do know is that they&#8217re not alone. What about Bosch? Hitachi?

Any likelihood the new higher capacity batteries will assist with designing a battery-only (no gas) line of nailers that will offer you compressor-like efficiency?

If you&#8217re talking about the new M18 High Demand 9.0Ah battery, the answer is no. With cordless nailers, you&#8217re not going to want or want the added size and weight of this new size of battery.

As for the new and recent 6Ah and 5Ah batteries, the answer is still no. All XC batteries, no matter whether 3Ah, 4Ah, 5Ah, or 6Ah, need to theoretically be capable of the very same energy output. Only runtime should be various.

Developing air-like overall performance is significantly more dependent on the internal workings of a nailer. Users want:

  • Higher energy for driving in standard length nails
  • Repeatability
  • Quick nail-to-nail cycling time
  • Compact size
  • Light weight
  • Extended runtime

Only runtime depends on battery capacity, but it&#8217s also the least important aspect, in my opinion.

A new line of cordless nailers could be Milwaukee&#8217s ideal-kept secret, but I don&#8217t think so. If you&#8217re waiting for a cordless nailer from Milwaukee or another pro brand, you may well be waiting for a whilst longer.


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