Quick and Straightforward DIY Energy Tool Organizer

My garage is a disaster. No two techniques about it&#8230it&#8217s a mess. Dave here from The Heathered Nest. When Remodelaholic asked us for projects to share with their audience, I jumped at the chance to do anything to help organize the garage. We came up with a energy tool organizer&#8230truth be told, I wanted to do this for a although, but in no way had the time to get it accomplished&#8230read this as &#8220my wife had other factors on my to-do-list&#8221. If you look around the web for ideas, which we did, you will locate all types of great custom built power tool organizers. My eyes got big and my mouth began to water and this project was easily about to take on a life of its own. Then the reality verify&#8230I have to get this project…

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