Preferred Projects of 2015

The last week of the year can be fairly cathartic I get to purge the previous year&#8217s misgivings, look back at favored projects, and start off making plans for a better year to come. But, I can&#8217t deny that I also have a tendency to dwell more on what I didn&#8217t accomplish rather than what I did. And I was going to, until I realized that I truly set and met a lot of the objectives I made for 2015. Weird.

best projects of 2015

Initial off, I&#8217ll start off with the individual stuff and a few weblog ambitions, considering that they all kind of tied with each other.

Private Ambitions

Produce a separation amongst operate and residence, declutter, get outside: This year, I wanted to force myself out of the property more typically as I discovered to manage functioning from residence. I also wanted to declutter the items about me, which would also support me to feel significantly less buried by becoming &#8220busy&#8221 and much more cost-free to untangle. And the result? While I&#8217ll most likely never uncover (and honestly don&#8217t think there is actually such a thing as) a true &#8220balance&#8221 among function and property, I did a considerably much better job of recognizing when I want a break — and right here&#8217s the important element — taking them when required.

topsail beach

For starters, I joined a weekly operating group and a weekly softball team this got me out of the property and gave me a schedule that necessary accountability to others that I needed to function about, which led to much better time management. In 2016, I&#8217m preparing on joining yet another softball plan that will mix factors up even more. I wouldn&#8217t necessarily recommend forcing yourself into more activities in order to declutter your life, but this made a lot of sense to me and opened the door for a slew of new friendships, which I will admit I really required this year. Specifically considering that even though I did force myself out of the home for dating as well, that was far less fruitful (that felt more like a backslide, in fact).

I also took a handful of much more trips this year&#8230 and some of it was to see familiar faces (even though not always human).

black feather farm chickens

As for decluttering in general, I did a lot more inventory this year: professionally, financially, socially, physically, and so on. I took 300% more trips to Goodwill than I did final year. I spent much more time on buddies I wanted to know greater and let the toxic ones go. I really feel like I purged more factors from the residence than added to it, and whilst I nonetheless have plenty space for improvement (even though not more stuff!), I know I did greater than 2014&#8230 which means setting the same aim in 2016 is going to be worth the work.

Weblog Ambitions

Blog more often, a lot more honestly, get creative: Okay, so I didn&#8217t necessarily publish posts on as structured of a schedule as I 1st intended, but I do feel that I put more work into blogging in my personal style this year, and I do really feel like it paid off (for me, anyway). I really enjoyed writing specific posts, and I hope you guys enjoyed them also I&#8217m also glad I allowed myself to share my grief more than losing a loved one. Suffice it to say that if there&#8217s something that&#8217s worth talking about, I will and have, and it&#8217s led to some fascinating discussions. Specially due to the fact of the comments I get from badass readers on posts where I let myself open up more (as usually, you guys ROCK).

squirrels are assholes

I also pushed myself to do some creative projects. While not as frequent as I first scheduled myself to do this year, they were a lot of exciting, and creativity tends to morph and inspire in various approaches more than time. So, a lot more of that in 2016 for certain.

needlepoint flower

Home Targets

Alright, this is mainly a DIY blog, so let&#8217s get to the juicy stuff.

The kitchen: I did, in fact, handle to finish the walls, get some window covering up, and total a handful of other random items (even sufficient to truly decorate for the holidays!). There are finishing touches and a handful of surprises nonetheless left to go, but I told myself to make this a functional space once again, and it is. I can even brew coffee in it without receiving drywall dust in my cup.

kitchen progress left side

The laundry room: I added crown molding, floating shelves, plants, and began constructing the countertop. Not completed, but not half poor for a project that wasn&#8217t my only priority.

laundry room shelves

favorite projects of 2015

The office: Okay, this space nonetheless has more to go as well. But I did get it far far more organized, added some bookshelves, added some nifty storage spaces, and will soon be sharing the new DIY light fixture!

office bookshelves

Landscaping and exterior perform: out of all of my home goals in 2015, I feel that this undoubtedly wins the Most Improved award. Not only did I take out pine trees from the front and back that helped with yard and roof upkeep year-round:

tree removal service

&#8230but the repair perform needed on the exterior siding was completed:

front exterior siding repair

&#8230the front trees have been trimmed back, and I found a reputable landscaping guy to take over some of the irksome jobs so that I could concentrate on other projects.

diy tree trimming basics

I also built some wonderful DIY garden beds along the back yard fence line and enhanced the garden location along the side of the home.

diy raised garden beds

My landscaping guy has been helping me prepare the back yard for a lot more improvements subsequent year (so so excited!), so I am truly searching forward to what the subsequent 365 days will bring. A lot more on that later.

hanging plants

Other rooms: I can&#8217t keep in one particular room for as well extended without having wanting to do yet another project elsewhere, so there was practically nothing uncommon about a couple of other rooms that saw improvements in 2015, such as my dining space light fixture.

dining room copper light fixture

I also realized that I was going to have a a lot less difficult time with DIY projects if I had a neatly organized garage, so soon after cleaning it out and reorganizing, I added a lumber rack using some affordable materials, constructed in a new pegboard wall, and installed new lights that give me significantly a lot more light to work in!

diy lumber rack

And not to mention, I got to in fact decorate for Christmas! As in, my property was actually organized adequate to decorate for the holidays with out items like paint cans and step ladders in the way. Score for 2015!

christmas mantel and charlie

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