New Year Special: six Safety Resolutions You Must Implement Instantly

The crackers have all been pulled, the tree’s down to its final handful of needles, and the last of the turkey curry has ultimately been polished off – it can only mean one factor. That is right, as a specific Mr Lennon once sang, ‘Another year more than, a new one particular just begun&#8230’

New Year has traditionally been a time for reflection and improvement, and what far better way to kick start your year, than to renew your commitment to safeguard your staff and your organisation? With that in thoughts, we’ve asked some prime RoSPA policy planners to come up with a few ideas for ‘safety resolutions’ to help inspire you!

Colin Knight, Fleet Safety Audit Manager, RoSPA:

Time Management for Fleet Safety &#8211 Make a note of each and every fleet safety activity you are accountable for on a weekly/monthly basis and then work out how much time is in fact needed and assign the time for each activity. Take a couple of minutes to familiarise yourself with each and every activity prior to functioning on them and keep in mind to fully commit to every single activity and preserve to the scheduled times to avoid distraction!

Automobile Security ‘’a grey area’’ – Develop an action program for 2016 that targets the safety and legal compliance of private automobiles used by your personnel on business business, frequently referred to as grey fleet. Appear cautiously at the organization trips produced by your personnel using their personal vehicles. If an employee utilizes their personal car to go to the bank or a instruction course, this could nevertheless be classified as a business trip. Guarantee that you overview the following items inside your program as your business could be liable if the driver and automobile were involved in a crash.

  • Are you confident the driver has the appropriate sort of enterprise insurance coverage?
  • Have you checked the driver’s driving licence?
  • Is their vehicle protected and legal?, tyres, brakes, lights, windscreen wash etc?
  • Does the automobile have a valid MOT?
  • Is the car taxed?
  • Is the vehicle serviced?
  • Does the vehicle match the security requirements of your typical firm vehicles? Age, situation, safety devices such as ABS, ESP, airbags and so forth?

Assessment your driving for function policies and procedures – January is the best time to overview your present driving cars_rowfor perform policies and procedures. Bear in mind to consist of your front line drivers in the creation of any new procedures and the overview of current policies as extremely typically, they have the very best concepts! Create a simple question set relating to your driving for work materials to test everyone’s understanding (which includes senior managers) and to identify additional coaching requirements. In addition, execute a evaluation of the incidents during 2015 and set some KPIs designed to improve safety and to lessen expenses. An instance would be to reduce incident rates and fuel commit caused by driving by way of utilising teleconferencing rather than driving to meetings.

Rob Burgon CMIOSH, Workplace Security Manager, RoSPA:

Operating at Height – Think it or not, but falls from height are nonetheless the largest trigger of workplace fatalities in the UK. This year, make certain that all perform is planned whilst considering “what is the worst that can happen”. Remember that whilst functioning at height you can have each feet on the ground! Above all, avoid complacency – the largest killer of all!

Manual Handing –Poor manual handling method is still the largest result in of Musculoskeletal Problems in the workplace, costing an estimated 11.six million days every single year. Chronic back problems can ruin lives forever, so remember &#8211 bring out that inner toddler! (They’re nevertheless the only group of individuals who usually lift properly simply because they are not powerful enough to lift incorrectly.)

Slips, trips and falls – Slips, trips and falls are still the largest trigger of RIDDOR reportable injuries in the workplace. Be conscious of your surroundings, adjust of levels, inadequate flooring, poor lighting and so forth, which are all frequent causes of unnecessary injury. Let’s make sure we all keep at operate and out of hospital in 2016!

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