New Makita 7.2V Cordless Effect Screwdriver with Pivoting Handle

Makita 7.2V Cordless Screwdriver

Makita has just come out with a new 7.2V cordless screwdriver. It has a removable Li-ion battery and comes with a charger and two battery packs.

Whilst I would like to feel this is the start of a brand new cordless power tool platform for Makita, it most likely isn&#8217t. Dewalt&#8217s 8V Max tool lineup is limited to just cordless screwdrivers &#8211 such as the Dewalt gyroscopic pivoting deal with screwdriver we reviewed &#8211 and an LED flashlight.

Update: Is this new following all? I have NEVER noticed this 1 before, but I have observed their clutched non-influence version ($ 167 via Amazon).

Update 2: So this isn&#8217t new &#8211 it was previously sold in white, and for significantly less money &#8211 $ 156 through Amazon. Proper now it only looks to be obtainable from 3rd party sellers importing it from Japan.

Similarly, Milwaukee&#8217s M4 lineup consists of just a single tool &#8211 also a pivoting manage screwdriver.

This new Makita cordless screwdriver, model TD021DSE, characteristics a pivoting manage, reverse switch, and variable speed trigger.

Oh, and this is a cordless impact screwdriver. This could quite properly be the globe&#8217s very first 7.2V-class compact cordless pivoting manage effect screwdriver.

The handle can lock into 2 positions for your decision of straight or pistol-grip configurations, whichever the application calls for.


  • 195 in-lbs max torque
  • -2,300 RPM
  • -3,000 IPM
  • Electric brake
  • Weighs 1.2 lbs

Price: $ 201

Purchase Now(by means of Amazon)

First Thoughts

I discover myself thinking two things about the new Makita TD021DSE cordless impact screwdriver.

On one hand, I&#8217m thinking woohoo, that&#8217s an fascinating and potentially valuable innovation proper there!

On the other hand, I&#8217m looking at the 195 in-lbs torque rating, and thinking it to be overpowered for how these varieties of cordless screwdrivers are usually employed.

Decrease voltage cordless screwdrivers, of the three.6V, 4V Max, 7.2V, and 8V Max classes, are usually utilized for repetitive lower-torque tasks, such as installing light switches, outlets, finish screws, and other such issues. They&#8217re at times employed in industrial applications as effectively.

But regardless of what they&#8217re employed for, the widespread theme is that they&#8217re employed for light duty function.

195 in-lbs with out a clutch? that could be a good factor, if the trigger switch permits for somewhat price tag speed control.

The effect mechanism could also potentially lead to problems for users who are in search of to replace their older 7.2V NiCd cordless screwdrivers, or even more recent lower powered Li-ion models. Aside from a couple of exceptions, effect drivers are loud.

That means that customers will want to put on hearing protection, which isn&#8217t often essential when utilizing a non-impact cordless screwdriver, and it also implies that the driver may possibly not be appropriate for use in particular environments where noise.

Consider of a upkeep guy, installer, or tradesman that&#8217s doing an upgrade or assembling new equipment in an office developing for the duration of the day. A cordless screwdriver may possibly be a mild nuisance to those near the perform region, but an effect screwdriver could disrupt the whole office. Perhaps this one particular&#8217s quiet?

With those two hesitations aside, this new Makita influence screwdriver will most likely be nicely received by any person who has ever complained about their pivoting-deal with screwdriver getting underpowered.


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