New Dewalt Carbide Oscillating Multi-Tool Cutting Blade

Dewalt Carbide Oscillating Multi-Tool Cutting Blade

Dewalt has come out with new carbide-toothed oscillating multi-tool blades. It&#8217s about time!

A couple of years ago, we were commissioned to do some oscillating multi-tool blade testing. Bosch paid for the testing, and so I imagined they had a excellent expectation about what I would see. Nonetheless, I was very surprised to see how clearly and vastly superior their carbide-toothed oscillating multi-tool blades were. Dewalt and Imperial blades just didn&#8217t hold up when tested cutting nails.

Carbide is a lot longer lasting than bi-metal blades, no matter whether cutting into wood, nails, or wood with nails. Thus, it is hugely welcome for us to find out that Dewalt has come out with a new carbide oscillating tool blade.

The new blade, model DWA4250 is developed as a common purpose hard components cutting blade, and must last far longer than their normal blades. It has a 1-3/eight&#8243 cutting edge, and Universal Fitment mount for use in most brands&#8217 oscillating multi-tools.

According to Amazon, the new blade is created in the USA.

Right here&#8217s the downside: The blade is a little pricey, at $ 27 to $ 29 every single, or $ 50 to $ 52 for a two-pack.

Purchase Now: One particular Blade via Amazon, A single Blade through Acme Tools
Get Now: 2-Pack via Amazon, two-Pack via Acme Tools

Evaluate(Bosch Carbide by means of Amazon)
Evaluate(Bosch Starlock Carbide via Amazon)

Hopefully Dewalt will come out with a bulk pack that drops the per-blade expense a bit additional.


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