Milwaukee M18 Radius LED Website Light – a Cordless and Corded Area Lighting Solution

M18 Radius Site Light Product Shot

Milwaukee has come out with a new compact M18 lighting solution, appropriately named the Radius Compact Website Light, model 2145-20, and it can offer a full 360° of light coverage. Or, you could use the controls to turn it into a directional activity lighting. This indicates you only use the side of the light you want, extending runtime.

Milwaukee is also releasing a A single-Essential version of the Radius M18 Compact Website Light in October, but we&#8217ll wait a little closer to the launch date to speak about all the added functions of that version. Milwaukee might nevertheless make adjustments to the One particular-Crucial Radius Site Light, but you can probably envision what type of characteristics and controls an app-connected worklight will provide, such as wireless activation.

The M18 Radius Site Light has three brightness levels:

  • 4400 Lumens on high (two hours of runtime)
  • 2100 Lumens on Medium (four hours of runtime)
  • 1000 Lumens on Low (8 hours of runtime)

They don&#8217t say with what battery they are receiving that sort of run time, but each Radius light at Milwaukee&#8217s solution event was paired with an M18 XC high capacity pack, possibly 4. or five. Ah each.

Milwaukee M18 Radius Site Light battery and AC ports

The Radius light can be powered by an M18 battery pack, OR by plugging it into the wall employing a regular 3-prong extension cord. As you can see in the photos, there&#8217s lots of area to match a 9.0Ah battery in the battery bay.

M18 Radius Site Light Built in Outlet

The Radius also has a built-in outlet, so you can daisychain a quantity of lights together from a single AC plug.

M18 Radius Site Light LED head

It&#8217s not the greatest image, taken via the fog in a dark space, but here&#8217s a look at the LED module for the Radius light. We were told it can output 6700 lumens, but with the Radius&#8217 high influence Polycarbonate diffusion lens, you get far more uniform lighting at the cost of some brightness. With the diffusion lens, peak brightness is at about 4400 lumens.

At the Symposium, it was mentioned that a clear lens might be available at some point, to take benefit of the full illumination output of the LED module, but the light coverage wouldn&#8217t be as uniform.

M18 Radius Site Light Built in hook

This ten.7 lbs light can be hung upside down through a folding metal hook, or horizontally from its &#8220integrated hanging characteristics,&#8221 which are mounting holes on the bottom of the housing. The light is dust and water resistant to IP54 requirements.

The LED array has a limited lifetime warranty and the complete light features a five-year warranty.

Price tag: $ 299
ETA: July 2016

Acquire Now(Coming Quickly by way of Home Depot)

First Thoughts

The Radius appears like a genuinely useful multipurpose website light, and the quantity of light it puts out was impressive. They have been using a single Radius to light up a dark and foggy area in the demos.

I consider this light really will shine when the A single-Important version comes out. The remote control and programability that One particular-Crucial brings to this light are some of the most practical makes use of I&#8217ve observed from A single-Crucial so far.

Stuart&#8217s Take: I also had a chance to demo the Milwaukee M18 Radius Compact Web site Light recently, and located myself impressed with two items. Initial, the light was diffuse enough so as to avoid, either mainly or entirely, the multi-shadow impact that sometimes plagues lighting goods that have several several LED components. Second, the light is a lot more compact than I believed it would be from its photos.

1 genuinely nice touch are the spring-loaded outlet covers, which have seals to assist keep the light&#8217s water resistance rating.

I would like to see Milwaukee come out with a wobble base attachment, but the unit&#8217s robustness would most likely make it as well best-heavy. Darn the attention given to making certain excellent build quality.


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