Mercedes-AMG C63 Coupe

Despite the fact that we haven&#8217t even started seeing pre-production prototypes or even mules for the upcoming Coupe variant of the C-Class, it seems that the Mercedes-AMG C63 Coupe may be set for an unveil as early as the fall of 2015, at least according to a current report from Auto Express. Citing an unnamed Mercedes-Benz insider, who somehow decided to spill the beans to the British magazine at the Detroit Auto Show, Auto Express says that the C63 Coupe will be launched at the 2015 Frankfurt Auto Show in September.

So far, only prototypes of the very first-ever C-Class Cabriolet have been caught on camera, regardless of the fact that its Coupe brother ought to basically launch just before it, as per Mercedes-Benz tradition. Either way, this would be the second generation of the C-Class Coupe and the second time that it receives an AMG variant as nicely. Compared with the 1st C63 AMG Coupe, the new model will get a distinct moniker, a new sort of engine and will be significantly far more differentiated from its sedan brother in terms of styling.

The new moniker will come about due to the fact of a recent alter in naming technique at AMG, with the future model&#8217s full name to be “Mercedes-AMG C63 Coupe.” Also mucking up the name a tiny is the truth that its engine will no longer be the rumbling six.two-liter V-eight, but rather the new four.-liter, biturbo V-8 found in the 2015 C63 and C63 S sedan. As opposed to the 1st generation, which was introduced as a quick after-believed in the lineup, the new C-Class Coupe will advantage from a very distinctive look, in the same way that the S-Class Coupe is a bit much more than just a two-door S-Class.

Updated 08/12/2015: Mercedes continues its teasing session for the upcoming C63 AMG Coupe. The countdown web page announces that the official debut will be created in just 7 days, so remain tuned for the official information!

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