McLaren delivers its personal vision for F1’s future, Red Bull reacts

5 years ago, Red Bull Motorsports partnered with Polyphony Digital, creators of the Gran Turismo series of driving simulators, to design the X2010. The concept, playable in Gran Turismo five, served as a look into the future of open-wheel racing, implementing fan auto technology to enhance downforce ten-fold, as effectively as a jet-fighter-esque canopy for the driver and complete cowling more than each tire to maximize low air resistance. Sebastian Vettel, then driving for Red Bull&#8217s F1 team, once lapped the Suzuka Circuit in GT5 20 seconds more rapidly than a modern day F1 car although behind the wheel of the X2010.

Rapidly forward to right now, and McLaren has developed their personal vision of the future of motorsport. It&#8217s named the MP4-X, and, although it boasts a related purpose to Red Bull&#8217s style, the engineers at McLaren have gone completely sci-fi with regard to its technologies.

The MP4-X, theoretically, utilizes electrodes that turn the air passing over and around the automobile into plasma, growing grip. Rather than physical inputs for steering and throttle, the Woking-primarily based constructor imagines the driver controlling the car with their brain because, you know, a wheel and pedals are so barbaric. The canopy characteristics a heads-up display and can change its tint to climate conditions. (Ok, that last one particular shouldn&#8217t be too tough to accomplish.)

Not surprisingly, Red Bull caught wind of McLaren&#8217s little science project and posted a cheeky response on Twitter, calling McLaren out for being late to the party. However, the MP4-X is not, as of now, drivable in any racing simulator, but with a new Gran Turismo releasing sometime next year and Microsoft&#8217s Forza Motorsport series pumping out further automobiles as downloadable content material to help the lately-released Forza six, it&#8217s conceivable we could be driving the MP4-X — virtually, that is, — in the near future.

I should admit I do at least prefer the exterior of the McLaren to the Red Bull, almost certainly because it looks a lot more like a modern F1 automobile with its wheels pushed to the corners and large side pods. And although Red Bull appears to be taking credit for having an notion about the future, I undoubtedly don&#8217t want these two constructors to be the final. I want to see Ferrari&#8217s version of exactly where F1 is heading, and Mercedes&#8217, and Renault&#8217s. These concepts might appear fairly unrealistic now, but the fact is some of these technologies could make their way into a formula car extremely soon — particularly that canopy, as the sport seeks to lessen head injuries to drivers.

Plus, I imply appear at them. They&#8217re just cool. McLaren doesn&#8217t have an awful lot to celebrate this year, following an definitely abysmal overall performance all season extended in which the team often broke down, occasionally failed to qualify for Grands Prix, and tended to finish in the back of the field. Maintaining this in mind, the MP4-X does scream much more &#8220PR stunt&#8221 than anything else. But hey, at least it gets your mind racing and your blood pumping, and isn&#8217t that was motorsport is all about?

—Adam Ismail


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