Mark Webber Goes Off Track in Porsche 911 GT3 Cup to Market Safety: Video

Drivers are known to have a lot of harmful habits behind the steering wheel, but texting whilst driving has gained a lot of traction lately, mostly due to the fact of the popularity of smartphones. Although there&#8217s nothing at all especially bad about being capable to communicate more quickly and less complicated, texting whilst driving is extremely damaging, as it leads to increased distraction.

According to the National Highway Traffic Security Administration, distracted drivers result in more than 20 % of all fatal crashes in the United States, which accounts for much more than three,000 deaths and practically half a million individuals wounded. As a outcome, the U.S. government has launched numerous campaigns to raise awareness more than the dangers of texting whilst driving, even though also banning hand-held phone use even though driving in most states.

Porsche has recently joined this worldwide security work with its own campaign against texting whilst driving. But, as opposed to other companies, the Germans did it in a cool way, generating use of their wealthy motorsport heritage and a single of the most talented racing drivers out there. I&#8217m talking about Mark Webber, former F1 pilot and existing Porsche factory driver, who was provided a 911 GT3 Cup and a race track to prove why texting behind the steering wheel is a poor idea.

In this quick ad, Webber keeps losing manage of the race auto as text message alert sounds distract him from holding a appropriate racing line. The video concludes with a shamed Webber walking toward his disappointed pit crew. The message is simple: “Even the best can&#8217t text and drive. That&#8217s why you shouldn&#8217t do it.” Positive, not several of us are driving Porsche 911s on a day-to-day basis, but you shouldn&#8217t be texting behind the wheel regardless of what kind of automobile you drive.

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