Lexus NX Gets Ice Wheels

Lexus has been creating a name for itself as a single of those firms that does some quite outlandish things. Let’s face it, it created that weird electroluminescent paint that picks up and pulses with a driver’s heartbeat, then there is the Lexus hoverboard, and let’s not neglect about the laser and sound show they place together with will-i-am. Just when you believe you’ve observed it all, Lexus decided to take it a single step additional. This time, the firm place a Lexus NX on wheels produced of ice.

Go ahead and study that last sentence once more, I actually did say the automaker place a NX crossover on ice. Lexus didn’t do the deed all by itself, even though. It enlisted the support of Hamilton Ice Sculptors to sculpt and develop four special wheels produced mostly of ice and a couple of other compounds to aid the ice help the weight of the two-ton NX.

In the end, it took three months of study, style and testing just before the project was total. And, that Lexus NX had to be stored for practically a week at -30°C (-22°F,) prior to taking to the street of its “ice-wheel run.” We do not know how extended the auto was truly driven, but it did take to the streets of London, hunting like it had just emerged from the coldest icebox imaginable. Check out the two linked videos for oneself, it is quite cool to see. Those blue LED lights give a bit flair to the currently fascinating project.

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