If You Didn’t Come Right here To Be Liked You Came To The Appropriate Spot


By Phil La Duke

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We have a lot of disagreements in the planet of safety, but the one particular I uncover most fascinating is whether or not or not the organization likes the security professional. For my part, I would like to feel the population need to like the safety skilled. What’s not to like, this is a particular person whose job it is to guarantee to the extent attainable that the location exactly where we function won’t kill us. To other people, becoming hated by the population is a badge of honor some so considerably so that they error hatred for respect.

Some time ago I sat by means of a course on hazard recognition, and even though the content material was very very good the instructor well…at a single point he turned to the plant safety professionals and stated with a simpleton’s grin, “you will be the most hated males in the plant”. A lot more not too long ago, a safety veteran told me that he attempted not to get as well friendly with the workers due to the fact it could compromise his effectiveness when he had to “get on them about wearing PPE or some other rule infraction”.

It gets to a “chicken or the egg” circumstance, do individuals dislike the safety expert simply because he or she does his job well, or is the safety skilled in a position to do his or her job much more successfully since he or she is disliked.

There are two methods to look at the job of safety skilled: as a crucial resource for generating the organization much more successful, or as the hammer that enforces the rules.

At the heart of the argument is this: are safety practitioners small more than security cops—jack-booted thugs undertaking the bidding of Human Resources? Or is there job to concentrate not on guidelines and enforcement but on producing the firm better, not just at safety but general.

I do not think a individual can be effective in the safety role with out getting 3 issues: liked, capable, and fair. If I am hated for these items, and I’ve worked for a couple of places more than the years who believed I was also friendly (no I wasn’t dragged into HR, get your thoughts out of the gutter) but I have usually place myself in the worker’s shoes and when some puffed up, self-essential security goof drunk on his supposed energy told me to do something I would ask myself two inquiries: 1) can this ass-clown fire me? And two) does this drooling idiot have my greatest interest in mind or is he just trying to show me he’s the boss? Properly guess what, you cannot MAKE me do something. I’m an adult and I will make a decision what I do and live with the consequences. Create me up? I’ve been written up before—it does not imply squat. Fire me? Well then you just went from a guy with some meager monetary manage over me to a man I intensely dislike and who fired me. Just a guy. A guy I may well meet at a gas station, or a supermarket, or a bar. Just a guy who took pride in the fact that individuals hate him, and now he’s face to face with a guy who hates him. Or possibly he will not be face to face, maybe he’ll be jaywalking and a person he was after so proud to be hated by will be driving down the road. Just a guy. Or perhaps I’ll just hate you, do Exactly what you say in my finest passive aggressiveness and patiently undermine almost everything you try to do till they fire you and can go locate a job and make a complete new workplace hate you. Either way what have you accomplished in addition to becoming thought of as a variety of physique parts to which people do not like being compared? Absolutely nothing. You have carried out nothing at all but puff up your ego. You can inform yourself you saved lives but we both know you added far more danger than you subtracted.

Personally, the greatest safety pros I’ve ever met, (and for the record I have met several exceptional, dedicated, exciting, and all around wonderful human beings who function in security, but just like the chocolate covered roach in the box of Raisonettes all it requires is one to make you view the entire population with a hint of suspicion and distaste) tend to be liked and respected by the population they’re not noticed as tyrants or cops, but as pretty cool folks who are watching your back and producing sure (as ideal they can) that you work you do does not kill you or make you sick they’re the guys[1] who are there for you. If I like the security guy and he or she knows me I am much more probably to listen to what they are asking me (not telling me) to do. They will inform me why I need to do it, what the prospective risks are for not undertaking it, and usually ask me to assist them out by complying. If I have a friendly relationship with the security guy I am probably to comply just simply because I know that at least in his or her mind they only want what’s best for me. And if by opportunity there comes a day when he is just a guy I meet in a bar, properly possibilities are pretty great I’m going to be glad to look him and get that man a beer due to the fact he’s just a guy who spent so much time searching out for me and I appreciate it and I like him.

Now, which guy do YOU want to be?



[1] The word “guy” is a gender neutral term look it up.

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