How to Save a Bundle on Perennials and Hanging Plants

Outside landscaping is 1 of these factors that I&#8217m occasionally but not regularly productive at. Kind of like Kanye West hiding his joy.

But, each now and then, I manage to get it right—at least as far as cost is concerned. A recent trip to Lowe&#8217s proved very fruitful for finding some amazing finish-of-the-season sales on some hanging plants.

It&#8217s easy to miss them if you&#8217re not searching in the right spot. In my local retailer, you had to stroll allllll the way previous the outside display to the back corner.

Maintain going&#8230

saving money on plants

At their typical price, I would have spent more on just one of these plants than I did on all three for the front porch!

They did a great job of brightening up front entryway even though I continued functioning on the rest of the yard.

Wait&#8230 did you catch that cameo?

hey Charlie
Nosy little buttmunch. Appears like I&#8217ll be cleaning that window again.

Pink vinca aren&#8217t genuinely my favored (I prefer the white version if offered the option), but for the cost, they add a lot of fantastic color. And even although they&#8217re technically the finish of the season, there is nonetheless a lot of warm weather to maintain these blooming for a bit&#8230 as lengthy as I can keep in mind to hold watering them!

I want I could show everything in 1 massive, finished photo for the side of the house as nicely, but I&#8217m not really there yet. You see, I wound up scoring Big on perennials, too! Almost ALL of the plants you see in the under photo (except for the red snapdragons, which I covered last week) were picked up for just $ 1 each and every. Lowe&#8217s is now my favourite dollar shop, ever.

I&#8217ve spent the last two weekends of summer time fighting off mosquitoes and attempting to get these guys in the ground, but there is so a lot space to fill that it&#8217s taking many weekends to correctly weed, clean up, plant, fertilize and mulch these beauties. I can show you a handful of in-progress shots even though. Keep in mind this area by the garage on the right side of the property?

I&#8217ve just never had considerably good results with plantings over here. But at $ 1 per plant, this effort is well worth the gamble to see what survives the winter. For one particular issue, I&#8217ve decided to dig up and straighten out the red scallop edging that has often looked truly scraggly and created it tough to figure out where to mow (I also hate the colour and shape of the edging, but it came with the property and would cost way as well considerably to replace it everywhere, so I&#8217m sticking with what&#8217s totally free and obtainable).

Cloudy days: not fantastic for brown on brown images, but a lot easier for sweating through.

This spot is now obtaining the focus it deserves, which is a LOT of function (have you ever dug up and then dug a new line for stone edging? Ugh. Thank God for my mattock, though). But 5 years is probably lengthy enough for procrastinating.

I&#8217ve also snagged a handful of leftover edgers to produce yet another small space on the correct side of the fence as effectively. Hopefully the phlox will get lots of sun in this spot and grow good and full.

I will say, going ahead and finishing the first section of plants, laying down newspaper for weeding, and mulch in front of the holly shrub tends to make items look quickly greater!

The sage itself is looking quite bleak (the flowers all promptly fell off the day I planted them in the ground), but I&#8217m nonetheless hopeful that they will bounce back. And if they don&#8217t, I&#8217m out about the price of a Starbucks coffee, so I won&#8217t be shedding any tears.

Sigh&#8230 nevertheless lots a lot more left to do. Perhaps a single far more weekend?

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