How Do You Handle a Dust Vacuum from a Cordless Energy Tool?

Let&#8217s say you have a cordless power tool. A miter saw? Rotary hammer? Circular saw? Jig saw? Table saw?

And you have a dust extractor or shop vacuum. Possibly it provides an automatic commence mode &#8211 but that&#8217ll only function when a corded tool is plugged in.

So how do you start off a dust extractor or vacuum with a cordless tool?

There are some specialty vacs that attach to the tool, but as far as I&#8217ve seen, that only applies to on-tool rotary hammer extraction vacs.

Not all corded tools can turn on automatic dust extractors either, simply because of power draw considerations. That&#8217s a single explanation a lot of users have welcomed the emergence of near corded-performing cordless power tools, since it requires some concerns or prospective concerns out of the equation when functioning on specific projects or at certain work places.

There are some remote handle systems that enable for remote vacuum activation.

I believe it was Fred who introduced me to the MaxSys wireless remote, but that&#8217s a module that will only function with Festool dust extractors.

There&#8217s a PSI woodworking dust collector switch. I learned about this when looking for an automatic switch for my new (but not but opened) Fuji HVLP sprayer. But that still requires manual automation.

What we need is a reliable way to turn a dust extractor on anytime a particular cordless tool is in use.

A number of men and women mentioned this in response to yesterday&#8217s post about Dewalt&#8217s Bluetooth tool and tracker tag expansion.

I totally agree.

Perhaps in a couple of years we&#8217ll see cordless saws or other tools that can remotely trigger a vac or dust extractor.

But in the meantime, let&#8217s brainstorm about how this could be accomplished. Possibly an individual will run with the idea and make it for us.

A setup would need to have:

  • Some sort of tool activation sensor
    • Exactly where is it placed?
    • How&#8217s it powered &#8211 coin cell battery?
    • Vibration sensor? Sound? Manual?
    • Does it demand modification of a tool?
  • Remote Receiver
    • Does it plug into a vac&#8217s &#8220auto&#8221 outlet?
    • Can there be a model that goes in between a plug and a wall outlet for non-auto vacs?
    • Size?
    • Power source?
    • For vacs with auto sensors, how to simulate an AC load?

I think that last component might be the most hard challenge &#8211 how to simulate an AC load in a compact and portable device?


Chime in if you want to see brands come out with a device that permits cordless tool-activated dust extractor or vacuum. Do you know if such a device already exists?


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