Gift Concept: PB Swiss Interchangeable Shaft Screwdriver Set

PB Swiss Trendy Screwdriver Set Roll

I took advantage of Black Friday and Cyber Monday sale pricing to get myself a PB Swiss interchangeable screwdriver set, obtainable with &#8220trendy&#8221 tool roll colors.

I had previously dismissed these rollups and other PB Swiss rollup tool sets as excessively priced, and they are pricey. Right now, they&#8217re $ 76 by way of Count on Tools at Amazon, more on Count On Tools&#8217 internet site.

Plus, I&#8217m not usually a fan of interchangeable shaft screwdrivers. 1/four&#8243 bit holders are distinct. Interchangeable shafts perform with a proprietary program, leading to possible issues. What if I want a replacement bit? The only option is generally a couple of bucks plus lots far more for shipping.


Here&#8217s my believed method for ordering 2 sets for review: 1) I really like PB Swiss tools, two) this would be a wonderful chance to try out a bunch of tools I wasn&#8217t compelled to buy in the past, and 3) this is probably the ideal pricing we&#8217d see until subsequent year.

I ended up splurging on a bunch of PB Swiss Tools &#8211 more than I care to admit to appropriate now. Part of the reason is I was nonetheless sick that weekend and had lost my mind a tiny, element of the explanation is wanting to do more PB Swiss tool evaluations on ToolGuyd (nobody else is doing them).

And a big component of it is that I ended up missing the Cyber Monday ordering deadline. I spoke to Count On Tools on Tuesday, telling them what occurred and asking if there will be another sale later in the year. They stated that if I ordered that day, they&#8217d be willing to apply the Black Friday/Cyber Monday discount. Somehow, that led to my order more than tripling in size.

SORRY! Back to the set.

This set comes with a SwissGrip deal with, two precision screwdrivers, 4 slotted screwdriver blades, two Phillips screwdriver blades, and a pointed awl for making small holes. There&#8217s also the tool roll.

That&#8217s not a lot for $ 76. That&#8217s for 11 pieces, which includes the tool roll, so figure $ 6.90 a piece.

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Alternatively, there&#8217s a 6-tool screwdriver set for $ 59, like separate Phillips and slotted drivers. I have that set, and I enjoy the screwdrivers, but I don&#8217t know if I&#8217d get the exact same set once again for $ 60. I was comfy spending the $ 30.50 it expense me back in 2008.

PB Swiss tools are pricey. But, the tool quality is PHENOMENAL.

As to why I feel this set might be a great present item, I like to gift items that recipients wouldn&#8217t purchase for themselves, and it&#8217s fantastic to acquire things I wouldn&#8217t get for myself.

For me, this set is too pricey for private use. But for a pro or industrial user who wants a compact screwdriver set, possibly it&#8217s considerably far more justifiable.

In my first draft of this post, I wrote a lot a lot more about the pricing, but I then began searching at Wiha and Wera pricing on equivalent merchandise, and they&#8217re not that much better.

I&#8217ve only utilised this screwdriver set a couple of occasions, but I&#8217m really liking it. The overall performance compares well to regular PB Swiss screwdrivers, and I discover that the shaft sizing performs better in some applications than bulbous bit holders.

Get Now

There are 5 color options &#8211 purple, grey, blue, blue-green, brown, and I consider there&#8217s nevertheless a black roll set out there.

If you&#8217re not yet done with your vacation gift purchasing, or requests, taking into consideration adding this one particular to your list.

And other occasions of the year, just bear in mind &#8211 the superb performance of these outstanding tools will last a lot longer than the sting of the high cost will be felt. Great or negative, I convince myself of this far also frequently these days.


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