Ford Will Quit Creating Concentrate And C-Max In Michigan Starting 2018

Ford has announced the end of Focus and C-Max production at the Michigan Assembly plant in 2018. The modify coincides with a 2018 model-year redesign for each automobiles, suggesting that the next-gen Concentrate and C-Max will be constructed at an additional plant. Ford did not announce what car may go into the plant to replace the Focus and C-Max.

With UAW talks scheduled to start on July 23, it seems unlikely that Ford will shutter the factory and idle more than 4,000 workers. The plant’s third shift has been reduce, and some jobs have been trimmed, but the Michigan Assembly plant is also one of the couple of Ford plants that boasts excess capacity. Ford has also stated that it has no plans to close the factory. Automotive News reports that this could be portion of a strategy to shift Fiesta production to Thailand and move all Concentrate production to Ford’s Cuautitlan, Mexico plant.

The 2015 Ford Focus is currently produced in nine plants worldwide, and sells more than a million units annually worldwide. In North America, nonetheless, Concentrate and C-Max sales are down throughout the 1st half of 2015. Decrease gas costs have been cutting into demand for modest vehicles and hybrids, which is taking a bite out of sales.

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