Ferrari 400 Superamerica LWB Coupe Aerodinamico

In the days just before the F40, Ferrari nonetheless created very special, quite limited-production production models that sold for enormous sums of the money. The distinction was that in those days, the cars had been grand tourers alternatively of sports vehicles, belonging to a series identified as the America cars. These were generally large GT cars with engines that were much larger than these discovered in the rest of the Ferrari lineup. They had special styling and interiors that were considerably far more luxurious than even the 2+two Ferrari models. The 400 Superamerica fist debuted in 1959, with the Series II version debuting in 1962. And in spite of the name similarity, it bears no relation whatsoever to the later 400 2+two of the &#821770s and &#821780s.

The 400 Superamerica sat at the very leading of the Ferrari lineup throughout its lifetime, an era that also gave us the bulk of what are nowadays the most worthwhile Ferrari models, and for that reason the most worthwhile cars in the planet. But in contrast to the far more mainstream (if that is ever the appropriate word for a V-12 Ferrari) models, the motorsports pedigree isn&#8217t so clear with the Superamerica, but that in itself is one thing that tends to make the Superamerica exclusive, at least in this era of Ferrari.

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