Evaluation: 3 Factors to Acquire a Fein Turbo Vacuum, and 3 Not to

Fein Turbo Shop Vacuum

Fein somewhat not too long ago updated their Turbo shop vacuums. There are still two sizes, the Fein Turbo I, and Fein Turbo II, with the distinction being in tank capacity. The I has a 5.8 gallon tank, and the II has an 8.4 gallon tank.

Fein sent more than a test sample a while back, but I could never ever make up my mind as to regardless of whether to suggest it or not. It&#8217s always hard when this occurs.

I not too long ago began using it again, and came up with some solidI adore how quiet it is, and how easy it is to move around. I recently bought another Shop Vacuum, and the darned thing doesn&#8217t have a carrying handle! Pull on the best, and the motor pulls out for a blower function. pros and cons to consider.

I have owned a Festool CT 26 dust extractor (at the moment $ 650 via Amazon), which I purchased for $ 550 back in 2011 just before it was HEPA certified.

At the time, I debated about regardless of whether a Festool dust extractor of Fein shop vacuum would be much better for my wants. I necessary some thing much better than a traditional shop vacuum, and in the end went with the Festool.

If you&#8217re in the same boat, or merely hunting at the Fein Turbo vacs and asking yourself if they&#8217re appropriate for your demands, contemplate these pros and cons.

Why You Need to Get a Fein Turbo Vac

1. It&#8217s very effectively constructed

Yes, it&#8217s made of plastic just like other shop vacuums, but it feels sturdier. And it should for how much it charges.

I yanked the hose a little to pull the vac about a corner and into a area. I believed it was was going to get stuck at the corner, or worse &#8211 topple more than. Its curved front permitted it to effortlessly glide about the corner.

Fein engineers reduce no corners in figuring out how a lot to reduce the corners. Tiny touches like this make a large difference in simplifying operate.

2. It performs genuinely well

Again, for how much you pay, it had much better work properly, and it does.

three. It&#8217s very quiet &#8211 quieter than any other vacuum I own

I can&#8217t use my household vacuum without hearing protection, and most of my transportable operate vacuums are also uncomfortably loud. I certainly can&#8217t use a shop vacuum without hearing protection.

But somehow the Fein Turbo vacs are quiet. So quiet that I didn&#8217t feel a need to put on earmuffs.

I&#8217ve heard that these vacs had been quiet, but actually hearing how quiet they are is really surprising.

Why You Shouldn&#8217t Get a Fein Turbo Vac

1. It&#8217s expensive

And so are the consumables. This is some thing you ought to be okay with before seriously considering about the pros and cons.

two. No variable suction

There&#8217s a vacuum release dial on the hose, for when some thing gets caught in a nozzle and you require to release it with no reaching more than to the power switch.

But other than that, there&#8217s no variable suction.

3. Auto-begin is restricted to 6A tools

There&#8217s a warning on the vac that says you shouldn&#8217t use the Auto-start feature with tools that draw more than 6A, or there&#8217s danger of fire.

But take into account this. You have a 15A outlet, proper? The Turbo Vac has a 1100W motor, which roughly breaks down to ~ 9-10A max draw. Let&#8217s say 9A.

If your vacuum is drawing 9A of power, and your power tool 6.1A of energy, the total existing will be more than 15A, creating an overload situation.

That Auto-commence feature is a convenience for smaller sized tools or heavier tools being lightly worked.

Is my Festool CT 26 any much better in this regard?

There&#8217s conflicting specifics about what my Festool CT 26 can handle. According to the user manual, the power consumption is 2.9 to 8.3A, and total connected load for the vacuum plus an attached tool is 12A.

The max rating of a connected energy tool is 3.7A, but if the suction power is adjusted to the lowest setting, the maximum existing draw for a connected energy tool can be as higher as 9.1A.

The explanation for the 12A total connected energy is simply because the vac&#8217s max power consumption can reach 10A.


I&#8217ve truly enjoyed using a Fein Turbo II these previous few days, for clearing up throughout packing and moving prep. It&#8217s picked up dust, mysterious sandy-variety material, wood chips, sawdust, metal chips, and Cheerios.

I enjoy how quiet it is, and how straightforward it is to move around. I not too long ago bought an additional Shop Vacuum, and the darned factor doesn&#8217t have a carrying manage! Pull on the best, and the motor pulls out for a blower function.

I enjoy that it comes with a truly lengthy power cord (18&#8242) and hose (13&#8242), and that I can use a bag and HEPA filter for truly excellent 2-stage dust collection. The bags are a little pricey, but will support defend the far pricier HEPA filter from obtaining to be cleaned also usually or replaced prematurely.

It&#8217s a great vac. There are some prospective downsides, based on what you&#8217re looking for. I would say its quietness, suction energy, and build high quality are its greatest elements.

Value: $ 299 to $ 599

A Turbo I is $ 299, a Turbo II HEPA with accessory set is $ 599, and there are other models in among.

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