DIY Halloween Costume 2015


This year&#8217s Halloween costume was a lot of enjoyable to make. And I was quite, quite proud of it.

It&#8217s been a few years given that I&#8217ve come up with a entertaining costume notion, but after I saw Katy Perry&#8217s Super Bowl halftime performance in February, I knew this was going to be an great DIY!

katy perry costume
makeup image credit: Pausa Para Feminices

To make the costume, I began with a white halter dress that I found on clearance from Urban Outfitters (took a while to discover a excellent one with the appropriate lines!). I then sectioned off panels of the dress with duct tape and spray dye. Waiting for every single component to dry took some patience, but it gave me time to cover some old higher heels in glitter, make a fake microphone out of a plastic cup, and develop the blue belt out of grosgrain ribbon and stick-on velcro. Right after drying, I lined every single colored panel with glitter and fabric adhesive and attached the boob panels with iron-on hem tape.

I&#8217m not utilised to wearing a lot of makeup on a everyday basis, but some temporary black hair dye and watching a couple of tutorials for how to do my eyes finished off the rest. I can not exaggerate how much I LOVED my costume and was incredibly excited to put on it to a pal&#8217s Halloween party!

I may possibly have gone a tiny selfie-satisfied on Saturday evening, but it was basically too much fun.

Not to mention, I was kinda digging my little Left Shark prop.

Happy Halloween! What was your costume?


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