BMW four Series Coupe

The four Series Coupe is one of BMW&#8217s newest nameplates, obtaining been introduced in 2013. It replaced the previous-generation three Series Coupe following BMW decided to split the two- and 4-door versions of the compact vehicle into distinct items. Besides the revised exterior and interior that comes with each and every redesign and the new name, the four Series also received a turbocharged six-cylinder rather of the earlier naturally aspirated V-8, a alter that affected the 4-door three Series as nicely.

Right after three years on the industry without having any changes whatsoever, the four Series is receiving a mid-cycle facelift for the 2017 model year. That&#8217s the word from our trusty paparazzi, who caught the updated four Series stretching its wheels on public roads. Naturally, the test vehicle wears the usual black-and-white camouflage, but the fact that only certain parts are hidden supply some hints as to what will alter with the facelift. As with most BMW updates, or Life Cycle Impulse (LCI) as the German brand likes to call it, the facelift will be rather mild inside and out.

There&#8217s no word as to when the refreshed coupe will hit dealerships, but a debut is probably to occur by the end of the year. Until we uncover out much more, have a look at our speculative evaluation under.

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