Audi &quotThe Forecast&quot Industrial: Video

&#8217Tis the season for heartstrings to be pulled, and Audi is no exception. The all-wheel drive specialist lives for undesirable weather in the wintertime, and highlights the virtues of its quattro all-wheel drive system in a new television ad entitled “Forecast.”

The effectively-produced extended-cut ad seems like it may possibly be a lot more at house occupying a pricey Superbowl ad slot. It&#8217s a refreshing contrast to the usual flurry of manufacturer&#8217s ads showing automobiles with giant gift bows on them, not-so-subtly hinting that your loved a single would appreciate a Lexus or a Lincoln under the tree. “Forecast” is one particular of those advertisements that lets the product sell itself. In truth, there&#8217s no difficult sell at all, and most of the screen time is devoted to a lonesome patriarch and his dog who are facing the prospect of a solitary vacation thanks to an unexpected blizzard.

You can probably guess the rest. Check out Audi&#8217s Christmas “Forecast,” and don&#8217t worry, we&#8217re sure it&#8217s just the onions somebody was chopping in the next space that have gotten into your eyes.

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