Amazon Just Matched HD’s Promo Dewalt Tough Technique Tool Box Pricing!


Over at Amazon, they dropped the price of Dewalt&#8217s DS300 massive Hard System tool box to $ 39, matching Property Depot&#8217s promo pricing that recently popped up.

More than at Home Depot, they have particular pricing on this Hard Program box to result in a $ 129 final value for a three-piece rolling tool box stack combo.

The 3-piece combo would consist of the new Dewalt Challenging Program DS450 wheeled tool box, the above-shown DS300 large tool box, and a new DS130 tiny Difficult Method tool box.

I reviewed Dewalt&#8217s small Tough Method tool box when they initial came out, and have also been making use of this massive tool box version for years. At the finish of the post is an image showing my numerous Amazon orders for these boxes, usually throughout a $ 25 off $ 100+ holiday discount deal.

You don&#8217t have to take advantage of the modular nature of these tool boxes &#8211 even just 1 makes for an great way to shop or tote your stuff around.

It&#8217s got corrosion-resistant metal latches, heavy duty structural foam building, a top handle, side handles, latches that connect it to other Difficult Program tool boxes, and inside there&#8217s a rubber grommet that creates a waterproof seal.

I Adore these tool boxes.

The typical value is around $ 52 to $ 60.

Back in June of 2015, I ordered a couple far more at $ 52 every. There was a $ 20 off $ 100 promo, so the value to me was $ 84 plus tax.

The lowest I ever paid was in December of 2012. They have been $ 46 and modify each and every, and I needed a then-overpriced accessories Tough Case organizer (now $ 6 as an add-on) to get the $ 25 off $ one hundred+ discount. The final cost was $ 76 for the 2 boxes and the bit/blade box.

$ 39 for one of these boxes is a heck of a good deal. I can&#8217t go back in time to take benefit of the abnormally low 2012 vacation season pricing, and so I&#8217m confident in my belief that this is the lowest cost a single could ever hope to acquire these for these days. Even if they had been $ 52 again each and every, and the $ 25 off $ one hundred+ promo was back, the price tag would then be $ 79 for 2, or $ 39.50 every.

Here&#8217s the question I&#8217m asking myself: how many need to I buy? My neighborhood HD didn&#8217t have many in stock (but?) and I&#8217ve very good experiences with Amazon shipping these. I&#8217ve been liking the new $ 31 DS130 tool box, which might take away from how many massive boxes I may possibly require proper now.

For standard use, one of these boxes goes a lengthy way, and occasionally two balance nicely. Or you could go the 3-piece tiny, big, and rolling tool cart configuration as promoted by HD for the holidays.

As a standalone tool box, there&#8217s a handy removable tool tray inside (with handle), but no modest components compartment, and a location to put a padlock or two.

Price: $ 39

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