Altering The Security Culture: You Got To Want It

By Phil LaDuke


To some extent the planet is driven by wish, and I have mentioned (quoting a extended-time pal) that you always have the time and funds for what is truly important to you.  As I continue battling to sell safety systems to companies who actually do need to adjust their cultures I am continually beset by businesses who are rapid to say all the appropriate issues but when it comes to generating a commitment they just plain lack the political will to get issues accomplished.

Of course no one particular will ever admit that they do not want a protected workplace to do so would brand them a villain worse than any war criminal.  So why is it so challenging to sell businesses who employ big staffs committed to generating the workplace safer? And why is it tougher still to maintain the momentum it requires to drive lasting and sustainable alter in an organization?  Will.  So a lot of firms are so fixated on finding a magic bullet for security that something that is of any magnitude is quickly disregarded.  But it is not truly the difficulty in promoting safety solutions that is troubling, rather, it’s the lack of commitment to sticking with change when things get difficult, or scary, or chaotic.

In my a lot of years as a corporate culture modify agent I have identified that the strongest driver of modify is the wish for success—and that applies not just to safety, but accomplishment at almost everything.  I am reminded at the biblical story (and forgive me people by I am by far no theologian or biblical scholar even though I did get ordained on the world wide web but provided that the whole ordination consisted of me filling out a kind and getting Reverend credentials emailed to me I don’t feel it qualifies me as a religious scholar) exactly where a man approached Jesus and asked him what he had to do to obtain salvation.  Jesus told him that he need to sell all his possessions and give the funds to the poor and come comply with him, AND THE MAN WENT AWAY SAD.  Wow.  And I believed I produced poor life alternatives (and for the record I have) but what a whopper that guy made.  It does not matter your religious persuasion (or lack thereof) what is essential is that this guy believed that Jesus could deliver the goods and when he heard what it would take he decided that it was as well high a cost to pay for eternal life.  And he went away sad.  Was he disappointed that the solution was so life altering or was he expecting Jesus to say anything like, “don’t sweat it, I can get you in, I know people.  When you get to the gates of heaven just inform them you’re with me”?

I consider there are sturdy parallels amongst this biblical story and the state of safety.  Individuals come to the providers of culture alter options and expect the answer to “the important to culture modify is taking this course, or having your employees study this book,” or “all you require to do is…”  I think when they understand that culture alter is a laborious process that requires engaging outdoors specialists and altering the way the organization operates and a foundational level they go away sad.  Or they buy snake oil and hope it will function.

Of course some try the longer term, a lot more holistic approaches, and numerous of them are effective (I have a pretty excellent track record of helping firms be productive if I do say so myself) but so many other individuals give up, and possessing provided up refuse to be “fooled again”.  I am partnering with a firm who is truly excited about my method to culture alter, but there is 1 snag.  The 1 particular person inside the organization who has the most energy and influences to get me in front of his consumers does not think that sustainable culture adjust is feasible.  I have supplied him with case research of consumers I have effectively served ten years ago who are nevertheless sustaining the gains that I helped them attain.  I have provided references so that he could hear testimonials from the proverbial horse’s mouth all to no avail.  The lessons he discovered from the snake oil salesmen will not be very easily unlearned and in fairness to him, I would meet something that promises safety salvation with a sharp dose of skepticism.

Why do so numerous change initiatives fail? As well often it is due to the fact the organization wants to take components of the answer and expects that implementing a “lite” version of the resolution.  In the 1980’s the Japanese Management was all the rage.  Several firms attempted to emulate the benefits that the Japanese companies accomplished, but when they looked at all the components that the Japanese style of management essential they swiftly began eliminating practices. The resulting watered-down resolution was entirely unrecognizable as an efficient management program.  We see the very same thing nowadays as firms attempt to imitate Google or Yahoo, taking components of the recipe only to be shocked that the effort completely fails.

But in the final analysis, it is not a lack of time, cash, sources, or options that get in the way of security it is a lack of desire.  If leadership continues to worth productivity more than people, the bottom line over the front line worker, tactics more than strategy, the instant organization wants over the extended-term strong organization choices, all efforts to enhance security will be transitory at greatest.  You can not adjust anything and expect it to remain the identical.

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