All This Blog Has Brought Me Is Grief

By Phil La Duke

I’ve been writing this weblog now for over ten years and I have to say that whilst many of you believe I acquire cash for clicks or money for advertising or that this benefits in big-money contracts I just want to say all writing this blog has brought me is grief. Frankly I’m tired of it. I could create an additional post I might in no way post once more these posts don’t  seem to imply much to anyone, most of all me.  I discovered over the course of this these ten years that safety people, while espousing the urgent need to have for modify to are incapable of it and a lot of and much more will by no means ever under any circumstance change unless it is some implement some hackneyed notion that they  themselves  came up with. I’m tired of folks writing me lengthy  missives about my misspellings and grammar and my actual require for an editor, I’m tired of folks telling me how incorrect I am about behavior primarily based security, I’m tired of halfwits who couldn’t place together a cognitive believed with a fucking gun to their head  writing me emails criticizing me. Two weeks ago I decided not to post to take the weekend off.  It felt so very good I did it once again final weekend and this weekend this maybe my final post  forever.  If there’s a point in attempting to boost the believed and theory of the safety profession I know longer see it. I’m sick of mouth-breathing imbeciles who routinely cheat workers out of their simple rights to a protected workplace merely to make a couple bucks.  For those of you could do, you sicken me. I will not be promoting this post nor any additional if it is to be promulgated you must do it. That is all probably forever. 

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