A Hammer Drill Rapid Tip (and That Time I Felt Like an Idiot)

Hey guys! I have been which means all week to share with you my (two!) costumes from Halloween, but I have been so slammed with attempting to preserve up with other bloggy factors that I&#8217ve been unable to finish the actually cool side-by-side photo I wanted to share in the post. Sigh. It could be negative timing when it&#8217s up given that every blogger is clearly already in Christmas mode, but probably I&#8217ll have it done by this weekend. And then we&#8217ll move on to me nonetheless doing outside projects, due to the fact I reside in Georgia and it&#8217s nonetheless going to be laughably warm for who knows how a lot of more weeks.

Anyway, I believed tonight instead I&#8217d provide you with something I learned although functioning on the stump fire this past week. I&#8217m pretty certain some of you are going to get a kick out of my rookie mistake, but that&#8217s okay&#8230 we&#8217ll laugh at me with each other.

This is a hammer drill (here&#8217s an affiliate link if you want to purchase a similar one particular on-line, or you can quit by your nearest Harbor Freight).

For these that missed it, I&#8217ve been trying to burn down the remaining (and formerly underground) components of a massive tree stump in the back yard. I don&#8217t have any firewood, but I did have a massive pile of roots I dug out, tree limbs, tiny bits of unusable scrap wood, and other dried foliage from my yard that I assumed would final me via a couple of fires.


I have been using a spade bit and a hammer drill (that I borrowed from Dad) to generate some holes in the stump to assist the burn go deeper and break up the roots more quickly (a suggestion from some Youtube videos I&#8217d watched), and it does appear to be assisting, though I can&#8217t say by how much. Right after drilling, I&#8217m pouring vegetable oil inside (also suggested by means of the videos) as a low-cost way to assist supply some fuel inside the stump to burn. I honestly didn&#8217t understand how flammable vegetable oil is until this!


My calculations turned out to be a total fabrication and I got by means of the pile in much less than three hours. The next day, I came back to dig out the ash and drill deeper down into the stump. I believed I&#8217d try to switch from the spade bit to a longer a single and see if I could dig down deeper into the roots and went to change issues out like regular — except the bit that I&#8217d tried to use only fifteen minutes prior got hopelessly stuck inside the chuck.


It just kept turning and turning with the chuck about to twist completely off of the drill rather than the chuck loosening about the bit. I felt silly in all the years I&#8217ve employed a drill (or an influence driver), I had never had this dilemma. I had also never ever used a far more heavy duty hammer drill before, so I was used to hand tightening, and now I got the damn factor stuck simply because assumption. Whoops. The issue was clearly my fault.

Frustrated, I texted a buddy and they asked if I knew where the &#8220chuck crucial&#8221 was. Ahh. A important! Of course. A bigger drill almost certainly has to be tightened a little a lot more than the fundamental ones I&#8217ve usually utilized. That sounded completely logical in a smack-myself-in-the-forhead-for-not-thinking-of-that-on-my-own sort of way. But um&#8230 I did not have mentioned essential, since I didn&#8217t know what the frig I was seeking for. I looked around the rest of the tool expecting to see one thing familiar (issues like jigsaws and other energy tools use Allen wrenches for tightening blades, so my mind right away went seeking for the scenario that was currently familiar to me — and since this was Dad&#8217s tool, I anticipated to locate it stuck to the tool with electrical tape, especially). As an alternative, I spotted this:


Huh. Guess that&#8217s what that is — a chuck essential. Nifty. And then, I tripped over my idiocy a couple far more times (think about a child performing the square peg, round hole point) ahead of realizing that I necessary to match up the threads on the important to the threads along the chuck and rotate it like this:

1 direction to tighten, the other to loosen, naturally.

And confident sufficient, out popped the (not-so) hopelessly stuck bit.


See? If you&#8217ve ever felt like a beginner at this DIY stuff, you can laugh that with more than half a decade beneath my DIY tool belt, I nonetheless have tiny &#8220aha!&#8221 moments like this that make me feel like a moron. Thinking about the frequency in which I use a new tool or understand a new technique and hardly ever read instruction manuals prior to I&#8217m mid-project (and anything&#8217s quickly drying), I never cease to locate these absurdities entertaining. I guess that&#8217s why I like to pass the info along, too: because I may have at least spared someone else the frustration of spending twenty minutes carrying out one thing that was actually, actually clear in hindsight.

With that hiccup behind me, I have been bonfiring nearly every night since, which has been great — just me, a seasonal beer, and a campfire scent in the air. It tends to make me really look forward to the day when I&#8217ll have a sizable space for more entertaining out right here (and plans for that in an upcoming post!). As for the firewood supply, I solved that dilemma too thanks to the guy who mows my lawn.

Mom, ahead of you say it, I&#8217m extremely cautious. Guarantee.

He&#8217s been cutting down modest trees and limbs for some of my neighbors, so I presented to take it from him so that he doesn&#8217t have to haul it off (that appears like a LOT of brush, but the bigger chunks are underneath&#8230 and for reference, I get about that size of a pile burned in a single evening). Win-win!

What have you been up to lately? Have you been enjoying any outdoor fires?

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