2016 Woodworking Show from a Different Perspective

2016 Woodworking Show Crazy Canadian Woodworking

Stuart&#8217s gone to the Woodworking Show for a lot of years, like this year, but I also attended it this year and believed it would be intriguing to share my point of view on the show.

There are a few much more shows scheduled for this year right here&#8217s the Woodworking Show schedule.

Since of scheduling, the only time I was able to attend the show was when it first opened at noon on Friday, and then only for a couple of hours. I was quickly struck by how the vast majority of people attending the show were grey haired males. I only saw a handful of females attendees and two kids total.

Now I know that the time I picked may well have biased the crowd towards the retired population, how youngsters would almost certainly nevertheless be in school, and younger adults would be operating, but it reminded me how I genuinely don&#8217t see as several ladies or young people in woodworking as there must be.

Stuart&#8217s Note: From what I&#8217ve seen, the attendee audience is considerably a lot more diverse throughout weekend days, and there are also larger crowds. Kids sometimes participate in the hands-on demos and studying workouts, but it&#8217s mostly the adult males asking concerns and purchasing items.

MicroFence at Woodworking show

I veered counterclockwise, past Powermatic and ran into MicroFence. They had really a couple of of their products at the show, which includes the plunge base for laminate trimming routers shown above. I&#8217ve been somewhat skeptical about the higher prices of their items ($ 400 for the above base), but after seeing them in particular person I can at least say they are extremely well made and almost certainly worth the money if you are hunting for that sort of precision.

Later, I checked out the different local woodworking organization booths. I&#8217m lucky adequate to have several in my region, and after talking to the Minnesota Woodworkers Guild, I consider I may possibly check out a meeting.

I told the guy at the booth that I&#8217m just a hack and it can be intimidating going up to a group of people that are really achieved woodworkers. He told me he could possibly be described as a &#8220hack&#8221 too, and he said everybody in the group is extremely supportive no matter the skill level.

Stockroom Supply Molding Sander Display

Following around the circle I ran into Stockroom provide. I have been specially interested in their merchandise given that I posted about the Moulding Sander last year. I passed on the Moulding Sander, but I did pick up a discounted sanding mop to attempt out without having possessing to pay the higher price of shipping from Canada.

The individuals at the booth had been truly helpful. I talked about what I was hunting to do with the mop and they helped me pick which kit would be very best.

Digital Wood Carver 4 axis CNC

I checked out the genuinely strong CNC at the Digital Wood Carver booth. There I talked to Laney Shaughnessy, a woodworker I have been following on Google+ and Twitter for a extended time. He was displaying off the CNC&#8217s capabilities to the crowd.

I asked him a small about the machine and he stated the model at the show was about $ 5000 with all the alternatives shown. It incorporated a rotational 4th axis (the factor that appears like a lathe). Sadly they weren&#8217t displaying a demo of the rotational axis when I was there.

Next I ran into the Bosch booth. I was a small surprised that, at least at the St. Paul show, there was no Dewalt or Milwaukee presence. Stuart had talked of them becoming at past shows. I really didn&#8217t see anything of note, their booth was fairly significantly a stack of tool circumstances they were promoting.

Peachtree flag at the woodworking show

Peachtree Woodworking Supply had a large presence. They took up almost an complete aisle and there were only four aisles at the show. Stuart had remarked in a preceding Woodworking Show post that they didn&#8217t have any show discounts, but at this show I discovered that several items had particular show rates.

Stuart&#8217s Note: Possibly I didn&#8217t look challenging adequate?

For instance, a 48&#8243 section of mini T-track normally costs $ 20 on their web site, and was marked down to $ 15 at the Show. I saw that several of the other extrusions were similarly discounted.

I also picked up a 4&#8243x 8 ft section of black dust collection hose for $ 11, compared to a 4&#8243 x 10 ft section that&#8217s priced at $ 20 on their internet site. Once more, not almost everything had a show discount, but there was quite a bit of merchandise that did.

Narex Chisels at the Lee Valley Booth Woodworkers show 2016

I saved going to the Lee Valley and Woodpecker booths for last. Lee Valley had a demo setup so you could try out numerous of their Veritas planes, and they also had a great choice of tools on show that you could just walk up and handle.

Out of all the tools I picked up, I consider the Narex Chisels surprised me the most. Stuart had posted about Narex chisels ahead of, but this was my initial exposure to them. The Narex chisels were much lighter than they looked, and have been really properly balanced. This is one thing you&#8217d never ever be in a position to inform by just searching at them on-line.

2016 Woodworking Show Woodpeckers router lift

The Woodpeckers booth was a single of the busiest ones at this show. I in fact went back many times, just wanting to say hi to the guys there and ask them a few queries. When I finally did have their ear I told them how I rally liked the Delve Square, but it would truly be helpful to have a 6&#8243 1.

It&#8217s actually good to get a chance to put hands on some of the tools we&#8217ve written about that aren&#8217t locally offered. I want I would have had enough time to keep and watch some of the presentations, but there&#8217s often next year.


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