2016 LA Preview: The Subaru VIZIV 7 Notion is clearly aimed at Volkswagen’s new Atlas

2016 LA Preview - Subaru VIZIV 7 Concept

Subaru reveals a new handsome huge SUV concept that can seat seven.

What&#8217s going on?

Subaru seized the spotlights and media coverage of the 2016 Los Angeles Auto Show to reveal a new complete-size crossover SUV that can seat seven. If that sounds familiar, that&#8217s since VOlkswagen just revealed the Atlas, a new seven-seater full-size crossover.

Cool. What&#8217s recognized about the Subaru VIZIV 7 Idea?

Well, that&#8217s a very good query, since Subaru wasn&#8217t extremely detailed with its press release. But they did say that it previews a future model and is aimed for &#8220enjoyment and peace of thoughts.&#8221 Right.

Is there a statement from Subaru&#8217s executive branch?

Yes, yes there is. It&#8217s by executive vice president of Fuji Heavy Industries, Takeshi Tachimori, who mentioned: ”The idea expresses our core brand values, security, dependability, capability for outdoor activities and a forward searching attitude. We know consumers in this segment want a complete-sized vehicle and the next three-row from Subaru will be the greatest Subaru car ever.”

Any details as to what powers the VIZIV 7 Idea?

Not a clue. But if we were to be realistic, a hybridized flat-four doesn&#8217t sound also far-fetched. Alternatively, it could come with Subaru&#8217s only flat-six option.

Either way, more info ought to likely surface over time and it&#8217s reasonable to predict the VIZIV 7 will attain production.

&#8211 By: Chris Chin

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