2016 Chevy Silverado vs. 2016 Ford F-150

Chevrolet and Ford have extended been archrivals in the full-size pickup segment, with the Silverado and F-150 battling it out for bragging rights and sales. For the past 39 years, Ford has clinched the sales title, but the Chevy’s pickup has often been close behind. In the bragging rights division, titles of towing and hauling capabilities have moved back and forth with advancements in vehicle design and style.

The 2016 model year has proved to be a pretty steady year for each the Silverado and F-150, with neither undergoing key updates or adjustments. That offers us a very good possibility at comparing the two head to head. For the sake of thoroughness, we’ll include all the attainable variations of trucks, which includes cab and bed configurations, powertrain choices, and trim levels.

Although a huge majority of pickup purchases follow strong brand loyalty, there are a lot of buyers new to the pickup segment. These are the folks who don’t have the hardened brand faithfulness and are a lot more most likely to objectively shop the whole pickup segment. That’s who we’re targeting here – the undecided buyer wanting to know all the options among the two.

Let us know what you believe of the two trucks in the comments below. Which truck would you purchase and why?

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